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    In recent years, the Wrexham County Borough Library Service has suffered financial issues leading to both the closure of local libraries, or alternatively,such as Gresford library, having to become charitable organisations relying on fundraising and volunteers.

    I am sure that local taxpayers will be pleased to read that these financial difficulties only apply to libraries in our community. HMP Berwyn now has a library managed by the Wrexham Council, and it is currently advertising for two library assistance on the vacancies section of the Wrexham Council website.

    Non-taxpaying prisoners receive the benefits of using books paid for by the people of Wrexham, in their newly established library, with sufficient staffing paid for by Wrexham Council, while local taxpayers have to suffer reduced library services due to financial issues. Confusing?

    The whole situation seems very unfair, and it appears that financial issues only impact on law abiding local council tax payers. Where has this new funding been found? Is this just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ as far as local resources being consumed on the prison?

    These are interesting questions that our local councillors might like to answer before the forthcoming local elections!


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    This is a very interesting issue .A valid concern. Its more than a little worrying that there has been such limited input and, or feedback. All for the rehab of offenders, I think ..



    It is of concern. I can see the validity of prisoners having access to a library and books. My concern is who is paying for it. I feel that it should be funded by the prison service and not from local council tax, especially when the local communities are reduced services and closures. The whole matter seems to have been hidden from view by the Wrexham Council who have continuously stated that the prison would not use local resources.



    To put the record right WE (as in anyone reading who is a taxpayer) are paying for the library it does not come from the Local Council budget. WCBC are contracted to run the service on behalf of the Ministry of Justice and funded to provide the service. As the Library is being run by the LA the men (remember they are not called prisoners) can order books if they are not in stock and these would be sourced through the Welsh Library Service. –

    The same principle applies for Social Care and Health these are contracted services and both the Health Board and Council receive additional funding. Whether the funding is sufficient is up to the relevant bodies. WE (as ratepayers and taxpayers) should in 12 months time ask was the contract value sufficient or have local financial resources due for local people now being used to subsidise the Prison provision.



    99DylanJones – While accepting your position, a further question arises. Can we trust Wrexham Council to be truthful about the costs and if the funding is sufficient? I have not read any previous information about Wrexham Council being awarded this contract or the finances involved with it. In view of the council’s previous lack of transparency and hiding behind the curtain of ‘commercial interests’, barring the public and media from meetings discussing such matters, will we ever know if local resources are being used to subsidise the prison? Will the Council Officers be bringing other such relationships with the prison and any potential impact that it may have on local resources and local communities to the notice of the council tax payers?

    If I recall, recently the Police held concerns that they will not be awarded additional funds required for policing operations directly related to the prison. The political argument that the prison will not direct any local resources needs both further scrutiny and transparency. Failing to do so will continue to cause misunderstandings about the prison.

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