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    Maureen Gray

    Local councillor calls for urgent meeting with Arriva amid concerns over future of Tanyfron bus service.

    A real problem for local residents?
    Caused by ARRIVA?
    It’s caused by local residents and their cars. It’s not a new issue though, there’s a Crosville bus still stuck in Park Road!!



    We had the same thing – the buses bypass the village because the main road is blocked with parked cars and they can’t get through.
    WCBC won’t come and ticket the cars.



    So mr Roberts thinks that he can solve the problem with the tanyfron route by having a meeting with arriva, well lets put this to him, it is ok for him to arrange a meeting of councillors at the site, but please do it at 6.30 in the morning and stay there until after the first school run, it is an absolute nightmare cars parked everywhere and on corners where the bus has to turn sharply, how do i know this, i am an ex arriva bus driver for many years we had so many buses late on service because the bus couldnt get past the cars and no one came out to move them,meaqning the bus was late or missed its next trip meaning passengers on other routes were affected to, so its not just the tanyfron route that is affected its many others too, so please mr roberts get your cronies up there for a day and then you will see the problem these experienced bus drivers have.

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