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    Morrisons have a couple of good deals this week,buy one pack of 4 J2O and have 2 extra packs free. The same for pringles buy 1 get 2 free. But they have raised the price of the large tubes of smarties fron £1 to 1.69 and their Bistro Style twin pack salad has gone form £1 to £1.30. Their potatoes look cheap to but packs are only 2kg rather than 2.5kg.



    Would be interesting to know how some of the other supermarkets are coping since Morrisons came to town. I’m so uncool that I haven’t even been there yet though.



    £1.69 for big smarties is a disgrace!



    A friend just got food poisoning from their fish :s

    Must have been a dodgy batch but not exactly the way they wanted to build momentum with the local population.

    I’ve been and it’s pretty good – but just found myself zig zagging around a lot in that first sector…



    Tesco have also put up the price of their large tubes of Smarties to £1.60 although they have an offer of 2 for £2.50. They also had Maynards Wine Gums and Jelly Babies at £2 for 600 grams now they are £4 per box or 2 for £6
    One good buy though is a 2.2kg (4.8 lbs) gammon for £10 .



    Sainsburys smarties are still £1 for a big tube.



    ASDA & Tesco were dead the week Morrisons opened.

    It has been really busy since. Popped to Morrisons yesterday and it was quiet.

    Only noticed the j20 offer on my way out!!



    Asda big tubes of smarties a £1 .Also they had plenty of fresh turkey crowns to-day already marked down by £5.



    Tesco are selling packs of ingredients for home bake Christmas cakes, reduced to £3. If you like fruit cake it could be a bargain. Their Christmas tree lights are also reduced.



    When the new Morrisons opened they gave out cards with one “free” receipt and stated that if you collected 5 more (spend over £40) you would receive a free £25 voucher. Sting in the tail , even when you have your voucher you still have to spend £40 before you can use it and all before 31st December!

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