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    Don’t worry, I’m sure that the consultation exercise will put the kybosh on this proposal – from what I’ve seen on social media the vast majority of people are against cuts of rangers.



    I can’t understand why the council don’t start charging to park at Ty Mawr and Alyn Waters. Visitors are genuinely surprised that they don’t have to pay anything.

    £2 a day or a yearly ticket for £50, it’s not a lot and this cost would more than pay for the upkeep of the parks.
    The Canal Trust have recently submitted plans for a paid car park at Trevor Basin, it’s ludicrous that the council aren’t doing the same.

    What the council is suggesting is that 3 rangers will keep 11 parks open. As the rangers work a 5 day week it will mean that for 6 days a week there will only be 2 of them. How exactly is that going to work ?

    The next thing will be closing the parks as there aren’t enough rangers to cover them.



    I have been down to Nant Mill today & I was saddened to see that the visitor centre may only be open at weekends next summer. There were people knocking on the door when I passed. Could be that they wanted to use the toilets which were locked. There was a good number of people around mostly dog walkers.

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