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    Owain Glyndwr
    Owain Glyndwr

    Drip feeding ticket updates ……….. an expression about not being to organize an event in a brewery springs to mind!

    Its not as if the concept of arranging a concert is a new one is it? I believe that some cities hold them regularly …

    Someone should pull the pin .....

    Yeah you believe you’re the king of the jungle, you got the t-shirt, do you know how the song goes.
    You’re looking good but the fact is you’re lazy!!!!

    To be born Welsh is to be born privileged, not with a silver spoon in your mouth, but with music in your blood, and poetry in your soul.



    Lets hope the promoters and the Football Club see the concert as much of a success as the fans and look at Wrexham as a a venue for future gigs. Well done everyone involved with the organising. Lets hope that private promoters come forward to do a Fanzone for the semi finals — Racecourse would be brilliant venue and show they can cope with big crouds like in the ‘good old day’ when Mold Road had to be closed whenever there was a home game due to the numbers attending the football.



    I laughed at the comment “Its not as if the concept of arranging a concert is a new one is it?”
    Is that from someone with experience, or a throw away comment from someone who doesn’t understand what’s involved?
    The latter, I suspect.
    Well, despite one or two minor issues, largely related to the site layout – not something that can be easily changed – from what I saw things went very well, particularly for a first time event.
    The ticket exchange for wrist bands seemed to go smoothly, road traffic, if anything, seemed light and closures minimal.
    The early finish, whilst a disappointment for some, should mean there’s no possible reason for any complaints.
    From the first comments from the police it seems to have been better behaved than an average Saturday. :-)

    Any future ones, of course, will involve the Football Club, as landlords of the ground, but obviously access to a large amount of the Glyndwr site is integral to operation so any future event would involve a promoter, Glyndwr, and the football club.

    This event was many months in the planning, hopefully the experience gained will make things easier the next time.

    As for a fan zone.
    I doubt there’s time to arrange anything of significant size.
    Equipment, at short notice, could be a problem.
    Even assuming a licence was granted. The council aren’t known for speedy action.
    Unless it’s removing flags off Grove Park School. :-)

    Owain Glyndwr
    Owain Glyndwr

    Transportuser, my concern was the misinformation that was being given beforehand and reliance on to keep us up to date (and they were brilliant at it! Well done!!!)
    As it was, wrist band exchange was great and the positives by far highlighted the negatives.

    The toilet situation was particularly bad for the “ladies” though, with one “lady” allegedly crouching at the back of the pitch and removing excrement from her pants before returning to her spot ………… nice!
    I heard after that there were other bars and toilets underused as they weren’t signposted.

    What a great venue though and I hope that we get more of these events next year! [Please]


    PS the Wales V Belgium goals before the Stereophonics launched into C’est la vie was amazing!

    To be born Welsh is to be born privileged, not with a silver spoon in your mouth, but with music in your blood, and poetry in your soul.


    Transportuser makes some immensely important observations. Organising a Concert like this is a huge deal and, whatever flaws there were, the Promoters are to be commended.

    The fact that this Concert comes over 30 years after the previous effort is, however, testimony to how Hamilton (he who was so wrong) actually proved to be, in many ways, so right. You might recall, amongst all of his shady dealings, that he introduced the idea that Wrexham would not have a successful football club if it remained at the Racecourse. His reasoning was based in the same logic as all of those clubs that have relocated all across the UK, creating regular Income streams.

    Let’s hope that this Concert might prove the theory wrong over time and that the Racecourse can indeed play host to some spectacular events. If not, perhaps this whole taboo discussion area might be revisited

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