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    Who would think that roadworks causing this one little bridge / tunnel to be one way could cause so much trouble on Wrexham roads? I see the tweets are again forthcoming wondering what is causing all the hold ups. Why won’t people use both both lanes on the dual carriageway into town?



    I’ve been through this with people at work and many are adamant that you must only use the left hand lane. So this in turn causes dangerous tail backs on to the A483 and grid lock. Those 3 big arrows by the race course telling people to merge to the left don’t apply to 95 % of drivers. They must of updated the Highway Code to remove the advice on merging with traffic. If people had some common sense they would use both lanes and ‘zipper merge’. Instead drivers pull across both lanes to stop anyone passing and merging – careless driving offence?? I’ve wintnessed this everyday this week so far, 2 cars nearly caused and accident because they just pulled out to stop a van and it had to take evasive action.

    Apparently the right is for the 2 or 3 cars going to the shell service station or tuning in to the housing estate opposite the race course during morning rush hour.

    So there we go, drivers going in to town in the morning have caused their own misery because for some reason they won’t use both lanes and then police the road so no one else can. I’d like to know the explanation to what drivers coming from b&q direction are suppose to do when they try to go down the Mold Road. Hold up traffic and wait on the roundabout so they can go in the left lane? Stop half way down the right lane and try and get in the left lane ( but no one will let them in)

    It’s a mystery



    It was exactly the same when they trialled a one way system under the bridge a couple of years ago. It caused so much mayhem added to by the imbeciles on the dual carriageway going into town. People don’t appear to know what two lanes are for. Perhaps they think that is to give buses somewhere to park when there is a match on at the Racecourse. That’s a point. What will happen on Saturday?



    Good article on the RAC about zip merge

    However, you can guarantee that the reaction of queuing drivers of anyone perceived to be “pushing in” will be – “what’s this bloody joker doing?” Or the car based discrimination we all love to do “typical Audi/Beemer/Merc/4×4 w****r”.

    The very audacity that might break the British notion of the civic duty of queuing, that someone might reach town 10 seconds before you even though they haven’t paid their queue dues will cause driver’s heads to explode.

    Which is why when you yourself get caught in the wrong lane or stuck at a junction when it’s busy & several hard nosed drivers have not granted you access, you think the person who’s let you in is the bloody messiah. Then if a BMW driver lets you in you feel shock almost like it’s some kind of trick and that you actually have to go and tell someone as soon as you get home.


    The most ridiculous omission belongs to the Council. With the disruption of the current works, they haven’t taken the opportunity to completely re-surface the road under the bridge(s)that has completely disintegrated. So, we can look forward to more disruption when this work is finally planned. You can never use the words Wrexham Council, Planning and Common Sense in the same sentence without a derogatory comment!



    If you don’t like it and live in Wrexham go and park in the hospital car park and walk to work like hundreds do every day?



    Just walked up the mold road and some moron in a maroon Peugeot 206 was blocking both lanes outside the uni. Loads of beeping because the driver behind him wanted to go in to shell. Seriously grow up!

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