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    Reading michael Hunts post dose make one wonder doesn’t it. I travel to work every single day which takes me through Ruabon, the dual carriageway just before the bridge it’s an absolute disgrace, the central reservation is full of weeds and the high street isn’t much better it just looks a mess. Could it not be there is a more pro active Councillor who works hard in Johnstown than the one in Ruabon? To chastise someone who looks like they are achieving is beyond me I would suggest get one’s own house in order first. My apologies if it comes across as if I’m on the moral high ground but see as you find. If the speeding is this bad in Ruabon surely this is down to the police to enforce, pardon the pun they are always in Johnstown next to the garage. The question is why not Ruabon.


    michael hunt

    I think you may have unwittingly hit the nail on the head Derek Fisher because you are absolutely correct that there is a noticeable difference between the Ruabon and Johnstown ward and its not just the weeds.
    Whereas Ruabon (and indeed every ward in wrexham) is plagued by potholes, Johnstown doesn’t have any. Every other ward in Wrexham needs significant investment to resurface their roads to a decent standard whereas Johnstowns roads are all recently resurfaced.

    Is that the sign of a hard working councillor as you suggest? That would suggest that all other councillors aren’t hard working, and I don’t think thats a fair reflection on all of them

    I think its more likely that Johnstowns councillor gets his roads resurfaced and his weeds cleaned and his litter bins emptied and his speed reduction measures implemented just because he is lead member for the environment and therefore has his say where the budget is spent.

    I’m sure your ward would look as wonderful as Johnstown if your councillor was lead member and had no shame at all in taking a vastly disproportionate share of the highway budget at the expense of other wards

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