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    Businesses generally come from the growth of indigenous business that’s been in the area a long time, or the location ideal, or offers from government in grants.

    Or the big one is that the area has the skill sets the employers needs.


    Welsh Dresser

    So we need a work force that industry want. In other words one with the skills needed. How do we know what skills to gain though if the employers are not here at the moment.



    Future markets. Aerospace is a big one on this patch, and the forecasts for the next twenty years are very exciting; at present, forecasts say the number of planes in the air will double in ten years.

    Automotive and its supply chain remains a big one at the moment, and if we capitalise on what we have within fifty miles of Wrexham, the job numbers are forecast to rocket upwards. These engineering skills are also needed for supply chains in industries other than automotive, and therefore ‘double up’. This also bleeds into the rail opportunities coming out of Crewe work.

    Food (manufacture) is a big one, and this bleeds strongly into the visitor and retail economy. Science opportunities are growing and looking big; so the demands for physicists, pharmaceuticals, nuclear, water, advanced materials such as graphene – are all skills we have in the region, and are all forecast to be in heavy demand for the next twenty years.



    Please tell me this is some form of teenage prank.
    I’ve just read it and I have quickly assessed that it was either wrote by:

    A schoolchild who has copied and pasted everything that’s good & obvious off Wikipedia.

    Or some spaced out hippie who still thinks that free love & flower power is a political direction, lay off the chemicals !

    Or finally, someone or a group of somebodies who are so focused on what they are seeing through their rose tinted glasses, they are oblivious to what’s actually happening under their noses.

    Sorry for the skepticism, but if They want to put this drivel into the public domain, what sort of reaction do they expect ?

    I see some interesting points by forum members however.
    Regarding providing skill sets for the areas future.
    Personally, Britain, not just Wrexham should start investing in ALL skill sets to bring quality industry back to us as a nation.
    I’m not talking about producing a nation of rocket engineer’s. A nation of people who have the basic 3 r’s would be a start. We as a nation can’t supply this basic civilised world requirement any more for some. Albeit, they may not want to be educated, we as a society let them have this choice of ‘ can’t be asked ! ‘.
    It’s a case of get the basics right and up the national average, the overall skill standard should follow.


    Welsh Dresser

    There always has been and always will be under achievers. Cast your mind back to your school days and I am sure you can remember someone who sat in class either being disruptive or daydreaming. Others came from underprivileged families and had no idea that education could set them up for a better life.

    Life is a mixture of all types and the problem, as I see it, is to target those with no hope whilst not ignoring those who try their best.

    I am very glad I am not a politician as the juggling act to try to please everyone is beyond me.



    I’m sure we all feel we have limited expertise in setting out how education should work. However, you fairly articulate what pupils do and don’t need, and having read this forum and then the Butler Act, I understand pupils need to be taught within their sphere of capability, and socially brought up as one with the same core values and value system.

    Politicians in standing for election, and executives who are paid to manage education, are putting themselves forward as competent people to manage the expert aspects of education on behalf of parents.

    Taking care of providing proper education, is one part of running society. People putting themselves forward for accountable and responsible positions need to deliver a standard of education that performs with comparable models in the UK, why not within the top 25% of performance?

    And an integrated plan should ensure all elements of public services and community needs are joined up – including roads, planning, libraries, further education, jobs & the economy, green spaces, social care. We as a community may not be experts individually, but collectively we have run high achieving schools (The Groves), and introduced industry & jobs (1980’s) very successfully in the past.


    butler act – nonsense.
    It was based on biased scientific study data… e.g. poor people are stupid that’s why they are poor.
    It was designed to divide and rule the electorate by the tory elite. e.g. working class v middle class
    It was designed to impose on children the law of master and servant. People who are born rich deserve the most respect not ability.
    It’s sexist. Women are there to be child bearers, wash and cook.
    It has no place in a modern fair society were people with the best ability can rise to the top positions.



    I’m sure we can all park up the Butler Act, and defer to whatever modern, good and futuristic education policies will stand young people in good stead. But we all agree that pupils who are brighter than the rest of us should be taught and nurtured in the right environment to excel, and bring great things to society as a whole through their capabilities?

    wxm;6408 wrote:
    I’m sure we can all park up the Butler Act, and defer to whatever modern, good and futuristic education policies will stand young people in good stead. But we all agree that pupils who are brighter than the rest of us should be taught and nurtured in the right environment to excel, and bring great things to society as a whole through their capabilities?

    Depends how you define brighter. And does that mean we put those from poorer backgrounds on the scrapheap before they have even left school.



    Interesting, I’m not up to speed on the butler act, sorry, but I do feel that everyone should have a chance in life.
    Far to many youngsters are wrote off with stereotypical values assisted by teachers who can’t say boo to a pupil without fear of ending their career.
    At this stage in life, morals are honed ready for their release into society.
    Quite a few are launched out into the big wide world with little or no morals and backing that up with fewer basic life skills.
    How does the future local Society cope with them ?

    Don’t create them, give them something to work towards, light at the end of the tunnel and all that.

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