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    The nonsense is that there is one common virus, one common set of medical intervention yet a multitude of preventative measures as mentioned based on your postcode.



    Haha, MP1953 unlike a lot of the hangers on still pining on Twitter I’ve moved on. Just like with formally lauded football managers who fall out of favour and get sacked it’s no different in politics.

    We have to see what the future brings.

    The government we have now is sadly the government we have now and no magic wand or time machine can change that.

    It’s a funny old time for politics because those in charge of the country (both UK and Wales) will be judged on every single action they make seeing as this pandemic affects one and all of us and every single aspect of our lives with no quick fix in site. So they are attracting a lot of criticism, both rightly and wrongly. A lot of Covid issues they can’t control.

    Thing is people are still ranting about stuff like Brexit, which is like worrying about the family silverware when the house is on fire at the moment.

    I also notice conversely the council are getting away with receiving much less criticism than compared to usual. People are preoccupied and also there’s not as much they need to action on. Some planning gripes and the like but not nearly the usual public outrage.

    Here’s to looking to the future. Ching Ching.



    It seems rather silly to me that the whole of England should be locked down when the vast majority of cases are in the North & the Midlands as some people advocate. It was these very areas that didn’t recover as well or as quickly from the first lockdown.

    The same with Wales. Areas with few cases could be kept open to help keep the economy ticking over however slight the effect might be. There will be enough job losses without unneccessary ones.

    Looking at the heat map, South Wales is alone on that line of latitude in showing dark red hot spots. North East Wales is aligned to Cheshire & the North of England.



    South Wales might be currently alone on the line of latitude but in terms of the current picture, but now the South West of England is reported to have the highest R rate in the country, so things can soon change in a short period of time.

    There’s a delusion of nearsightedness where people seem to think because Covid numbers are low now that they will remain low. Just look at how Wrexham was praised not long ago and look where we are now.

    Ultimately it’s better for these businesses and self employed sole traders in non local lockdown areas to see a national lockdown take place as they will still see a downturn in trade as people won’t be able to travel to their area from other locked down areas and those local tend to stay at home more when the perceived overall UK wide Covid numbers are higher. There will also still have to be lay offs despite being able to operate – just look at cinemas. Yet they wouldn’t be financially bailed out, whereas those in severely affected lockdown areas most likely will.

    In interests of economic parity across the country, heavily affected sectors need protecting on a national scale. I’m not accepting any I’m Alright Jack excuses that the taxpayer shouldn’t be constantly bailing out people who are getting in little to no income coming in since March despite trying considering the circumstances. As they won’t be able to pay to keep a roof over their heads or feed their families.

    It will have a domino effect anyway once the banks get hit when mortgages can’t be paid both by unemployed homeowners and also landlords whose tenants can longer pay rent or they can’t any new paying tenants into their properties.

    Things haven’t hit the fan in that respect yet.

    Quite frankly the areas in local lockdown at present seem to be a lot more economically deprived areas and such their lack of trust in Government and authority and rules mean they aren’t giving 2 hoots about playing by the rules and not mixing so this is why the local lockdowns aren’t working and the numbers are still going up on locked down areas. The police openly admitting they can’t actually police any lockdown infringements anyway means people feel above the law and above being infected and go about their daily business like it’s 2019.

    Leicester has been in the forgotten local lockdown for 109 days now and the numbers still haven’t sufficiently gone down for them to be released. Does that mean the rest of us like Wrexham can expect a similar ongoing sentence?

    It very much looks like Wales is going to go into just over 2 weeks of national lockdown next Friday if the information emerging online and through the press is accurate. I can almost guarantee we won’t be released from national restrictions when that period is up. But even if we did, we’ll probably be still in a local lockdown. Doubly locked down.



    If this circuit breaker doesn’t work what happens next, do we close the country down again, which didn’t work either.



    How could you lock down Wrexham? There is nothing to lock down!
    Mark Drakeford has never been to Wrexham to see what little we have
    Welsh government = jobs for the Boyo’s


    Ioan y Ffin

    As long as/Until we have an efficient and effective test,trace, track, support and isolate system in place then a circuit breaker might/won’t be worth the costs. The current local lockdowns might work too, making a circuit breaker unnecessary, if everyone got on board, and those who need some help to isolate are supported. However, as long as we are unable to trace who has the covid and stop them spreading it unwittingly or carelessly, then no lockdown will achieve the desired ends, but will achieve lots of undesired ones.



    Ioan – you are right about TTP — but the bit missing is still that the public need to be sensible and act when told if they are contacted to isolate. The population of Wrexham has increased since the system with multiple Mickey Mouse, Superman, Spiderman and the likes seeming to frequent every public place in Wrexham.
    It is people like these who are more than to blame as they think they are invincible yet are likely to be the cause of much of the spreading — this type of attitude will be out downfall.



    JaneJ we wouldn’t know would we because we aren’t considered old enough to be told how & where the virus is being transmitted in Wrexham borough. 55 new cases today. Have they spread around town, from the university, college or school, or is it in hospitality?



    Exactly Zinger, they (Wrexham Authority) know exactly where the cases are coming from but won’t publish these details, it is the same throughout the country, this amongst other things is what winds people up.

    Exactly the same figures percentages, numbers, facts etc. etc. can be published in several ways to suit whatever agenda you want to portray, even sadly the deaths.

    The public in Wrexham I suggest have been exactly the same all the way through still to this day, don’t forget for several months when everything was open the figures in Wrexham were low and then low and behold they started rising about the first week in September, what is the signifigance of that, its not rocket science.

    The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.

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