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    SAGE recommended a two week “Circuit Breaker “ lockdown three weeks ago. Have we missed the opportunity to stop the Covid outbreak in its tracks?



    Biggest lessons from the first wave was that we did not fully lockdown early enough.
    Government policy is now that we only go for a full lockdown as a last resort.
    What could go wrong?



    It’s going to be a last resort because they will be left with no other choice or options if cases and more importantly hospital admissions, but it’s going to be a long and damaging full lockdown and everyone will complain about the damage to the economy it will cause, but a shorter sharper lockdown would have caused less economic disruption.

    There are certain areas of the economy in grave danger now, nightclubs, cinemas, theatre and other performing arts and lower level sporting activities. Also hospitality, I can’t imagine the lack of weddings etc.. is doing anyone any favours. Christmas season is going to be a total write-off.

    Life as we know it is no more.



    Did not work first time and wont work if they do it again. Soon as we open up again cases will rise. Always the shock headlines of x amount tested positive, never the mention of how 98% of last weeks positives are over it this week after FOLLOWING THE RULES and isolating.



    yes. as we cant behave, politicians have to take control. we had enough warnings.



    Was told today that there was only two people in intensive care in Wrexham Maelor hospital & other people that work at the hospital have said similar. Why do the Welsh government paint a gloomy picture?



    Fantastic, in the absence of facts we are relying on hearsay to tell us how bad the admissions are in the Maelor.

    That paints us an accurate picture.



    NO, it’s getting to political



    You are right in the respect that it is getting political, but the problem is the ridiculous regional disparity. We are meant to be the United Kingdom, but how many bloody different rules and restrictions do we have scattered around the country? With different members of the population under punitive measures.

    We have lockdown and not lockdown in Wales, 3 different tiers of lockdown in England, similar to Welsh restrictions in Scotland but the rules of what you can or can’t do seem slightly different. A circuit breaker lockdown coming in in Northern Ireland with school closures. Then there’s now a semi permeable closed border between England and Wales where if you are from a BAD area you aren’t meant to come in but they have no way of policing it. Soon to be a similar border along Scotland.

    It’s an absolute bloody postcode lottery and the kicker is precisely none of this lockdown activity has done squat to reducing the infection numbers because within the local lockdown areas you can still effectively do as you please as the rules aren’t being enforced so numbers are going up locally PLUS people from elsewhere can just turn up from a so called safe area and cause a spread.

    You could have someone from supposedly safe region of Shropshire Tier 1 travelling to Liverpool Tier 3 for work reasons, picking up Covid, then on the weekend legitimately travelling to Anglesey, not under local lockdown for leisure reasons and spreading the infection there. That is why this does not work.

    I now firmly believe that if they decide on Monday to put Wales into a circuit breaker lockdown that lasts 3 weeks the lag in infection spiking will mean the peak will happen around the time they review the lockdown being eased, so the numbers and hospital admissions will justify a continued lockdown and they’re already worried about numbers leading up to Christmas, so that tells me we could stay locked down until January.

    A circuit breaker lockdown is still going to cause a lot of economic damage because people will be asked to stay at home and not work or carry out their business with wholly inadequate financial compensation for self employed and small business owners this time round.

    Kids also expected to see a second school year disrupted if they close the schools for longer than half term.

    Fun times ahead.



    It could be worse Matt JC could have been in charge of all this !

    Wait for the incoming … :)

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    The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.

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