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    Hi matt,I have to disagree on that. There certainly is a massive working class out there.They may not be all of the one mindset but they are certainly working class and they make up the vast majority of the population,the media trick has been to get these people to vote tory,and it has been very successful for decades.The reality is of course since the birth of new labour the working classes have not had an ally within the labour party.Corbyn is going part way to solving that problem,but the reality is the majority of his own MP’s and AM’s are busily plotting his downfall and replacing him with a bland tory lite like Starmer or Thornberry.
    I agree the brexit issue has become blown out of all proportion.The next election will be fought not on brexit,but the NHS and thats where labour should win hands down.

    I wasn’t saying there isn’t a working class anymore – far from it when you consider the sheer number of people stuck on the so-called living wage (cleverly rebranded from a minimum wage by the Tories) and those also on zero hours contracts.

    What I meant is that traditionally a certain number of assumptions could be made about working class voters so that they were all pigeon holed to conform to the same belief systems.

    However, like you point out nowadays they make blanket statements about what working class people want which quite simply isn’t true – hence the control element. Working class were more often than not classed as uneducated dimwits who were too thick to formulate their own opinions and would be forced to kowtow to their ‘betters’ and do as they were told.

    Now you only have to look at how politically informed the working class are on all sides – able to think for themselves and formulate compelling arguments. Now even more so than in the past when they’d have to fit into a 2 party system of “Oh they’ll either vote for Labour because their grandads did or they’ll vote Tory because they are scared of what a Labour government might do to the country.”

    But you are right in the fact that the NHS is going to be such an important issue.

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