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    I have worked in Wrexham for over 5 years now and it’s sadly down rapidly downhill over the years with more and more instances of theft and unruly behaviour.
    The lack of police presence is taken advantage of by shop lifters,gangs of kids and it’s only getting worse.
    My general customer type are couples in their 40s/50s and on numerous occasions they have spoken to me on how they feel AFRAID to shop in Wrexham and will not come out late night shopping on a Thursday due to this.
    This is having an adverse effects on businesses, who are trying to keep local employees in work.
    The simple fact is that the only time I have heard any sort of urgency by the police over the link radio, was when the light switch on was taking place and that the group of traveller kids(known….. as they cause havoc daily, even spraying deodarant on people and throwing matches at them)were in town and they were ushered away quickly out of the area, probably so the local press and dignitaries didn’t have to see and witness what local stores have to put up with daily. Staff are abused,shouted at, sworn at and all the town centre link can do is say ring it in on 101.
    Even then it can take up to 15 minutes to get through, you get a crime number and thats it…..
    There needs to be more police presence in the town centre and banning orders set up to keep it a safe place to shop. I keep hearing from my colleagues how lovely Wrexham used to be. Get rid of all the idiots and you may encourage businesses back into the town centre. The way it’s going, you will have none left except for pound shops, bookies and charity shops.
    It’s such a shame as the average person from Wrexham I have met are lovely down to earth caring people. But would i recommend any of my family to shop in Wrexham? NOT IN A MILLION YEARS.


    Animal Mother

    Less money = Fewer Police = Increased incidents of disorder




    I have every sympathy with you and can confirm what you have written based on personal experience- whilst I don’t condone the behaviour of the young people who U believe are from across all grouping and not just the one you have highlighted — the school uniforms are the gave away to youngsters from a variety of schools being a problem.

    I don’t want to see youngsters being criminalised for their behaviour but something needs to be done as a matter of urgency — whatever happened to the Town Centre Youth Club – The Vic has that fallen to the Council cuts.

    Shoplifting this time of the year is a nightmare– CCTV is only useful after the event to check if something happened – not many of the shop owners can afford to have someone monitoring their systems.

    Many of the shops that have radio link don’t share details of ‘suspects’ so a shop can be prepared — we all need to be working together or prices will have to rise to cover the extra costs of staff and theft

    AMA Express
    AMA Express

    Well, the LLPD can’t be dealing with shoplifters AND iout’s crazy drivers.

    Local Driving Standards, minimal police action.



    It will all calm down and revert to peaceful haven of beauty and tranquility once the new arts hub is in full swing.
    The yobs druggies and shop lifters will be enthralled by what can be achieved with a potatoe and some oil based paint, still life competitions will abound, and the performing arts will boom like never before.


    Rex Ham

    And people will learn there is no “e” in potato in the singular……

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