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    The virus has no nationality and the R value is around the same in Wales as in England. If I use my common sense and I can sit in a park with my household at least 2 meters away from anyone else, play golf or go fishing in England, then I should be able to do the same in Wales. The science is the same. Mark Drakeford is telling me I can go to a garden centre, go to a library, go to the tip, go shopping and I can even run around the park all day but I cant sit in the park for 20 min.
    He is now saying that “The UK Government has cut itself adrift of the 3 nation approach which now exists between Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland”. if it wasn’t so serious it would actually be funny.



    I think if the Welsh First Minister was conservative we would have the same rules as England after the Prime Ministers speech tonight. But because the Welsh First Minister is labour I think he has just has to try to get one over PM, its the same with the Scottish parliament. I’m not sure who is right or wrong its a difficult one to call.



    No further comment…

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