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    Maureen Gray

    So where do you think you live? JHC, how thick are some people?



    This shows how out of touch the general public are these days with local and national politics.


    I think its wishful thinking that the UK Government is making the decisions not the old Welsh fa*t and his cronies who don’t know their ar*es from their elbows. The UK government has instilled such confidence and leadership during this Crisis and has fully honoured the commitment given to them by the Welsh People in the recent General Election. I feel sorry that the Welsh Assembly is a hotch-potch group of well meaning amateurs who are not fit to organise a village tea party. Its about time we had a repatriation vote so we can leave all the important decisions to the UK Government whom the majority recently, so decisively, elected.


    Mike Davies

    Are you seriously saying that the UK government has instilled such confidence? So you are a big fan of “herd immunity” then? Oh no sorry, that was abandoned when it was shown to be a crazy idea. Let’s just make it up as we go along then. Oops 30,000 dead now, maybe time to let everybody go out and pay, after all the weather is lovely.



    Irony, something the BRITISH do so well. 🙂
    It was irony wasn’t it – votethecouncillorsout – or are you living in a parallel universe? 🙄



    Actually, it’s comprehensive gaslighting.

    They’re being lied to and steered by the papers and Tory politicians and they’re absolutely fine with it. They’re lazy-minded, sociopathic social-Darwinists. They *like* causing pain by pretending that 30,000 people dying is ‘nothing to see here.’

    Like JFK said, they ‘enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.’



    My Mam and Dad both lived local all their lives and always said “nothing good ever comes of nationalism and devolution” and I believe they were right. It’s a real mess, Mark Drakeford sprouting his 4 nations together policies if and when its suits is pathetic. Our Devolved government trying to flex their so-called power and that silly woman up in Scotland beggars’ belief. The rules should be for a nation together during this unprecedented time taking advice from the scientists to suit.



    Lads like Neil Ferguson you mean.



    Neil Ferguson new the rules but chose to break them,he paid the price and lost his well paid job and his integrity. Sage is the body that have advised from the start, Our devolved government doesn’t even have a road map out of the lock-down, they will wait until Boris and the UK government set it out and as per usual tweak it to make it look as if they have actually done something proactive and call it “Wales’s road map out of lock-down”.



    If ever there was a case for us to go back to being the United Kingdom with a single Government is now – the public are being used as political footballs- there is no way the Offa’s Dyke that was built to keep the English and Welsh apart holds back the virus.

    To suggest that the Welsh Government have access to a different science to determine what actions should be carried out is just ridiculous. The Leaders from all four nations should come to a joint platform and make a joint statement of intent for lifting Lockdown- the current point scoring of trying to jump the gun on announcements at different time cannot continue.

    I do not know the detail so cant comment on whose actions will be in the best interest of the public- what I do know is that the advisors in all four countries cannot be right so one of our nations will see a likely increase in infections and deaths– can we allow our politicians to allow this to happen.

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