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    i also think it is shameful that show the face of a Councillor against the headline here!

    The quote in the headline was made by the councillor pictured.

    Incidentally, here are some more pictures of Councillors and headlines/articles after a very brief search , Cllr Lowe pictured with word ‘anger’ in headline after her comments , Cllr Wynn after the grim scrutiny over then budget plans , Cllr Atkinson after people voted against his appointment – or to take it away from council, a picture of MP Ian Lucas when challenged him over a vote abstention

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    Wait, we’re actually entrusting the likes of this Barrie Warburton to make decisions on behalf of our region!? Wow, just watched the clip of him talking about the proposed mental health unit being next to a railway line – what an ignorant comment! And it wasn’t even an unfortunate off-the-cuff comment, he had clearly written it in his notes and still failed to think “maybe I’d better not say that”. I thought we were meant to be a society that was becoming understanding of mental health issues!?

    I’m not saying all the councillors are this bad – I’ve dealt with some, like Joan Lowe, who seem to know their stuff – but this was bad!



    I am sure that all Councillors do their homework before what could be considered a foot in mouth remark or remarks, so they must have sufficient concerns to speak up against the granting of permissions.

    If it was left to Top Managers to make decisions then bad ones would lead to fingers being pointed and allegations of bungs being made. Having Councillors making these decisions means that they are speaking for the people they represent and have no self interest or nothing to gain.

    i also think it is shameful that show the face of a Councillor against the headline here!

    Anyone who watched the council meeting online could easily see what he looks like. If you’re in public office and you make ill thought out comments then don’t be shocked to see your mug next to them, or does accountability scare you?



    Messers Rogers and Warburton are clearly out of there depth making comments such as they did , it seems to me that the council have a big problem with the quality of some their councillors, indeed i think there is a case for the ombudsman.



    I’ve a full set of pre-planning documents relating to this.
    To be honest I’d be very concerned if it got approved.
    Just the last week or so we’ve seen examples of planning applications that don’t reflect the intended purpose of properties.
    This site has poor access, with weather and traffic issues, which were glossed over in the documents, along with many other factors that contribute to it being a poor choice of site for something of this nature.
    The plans also appear to indicate it’s not designed as a purely low risk unit, despite what might be being said.
    The document didn’t instil any confidence in the company concerned.

    If the application had been refused on the legitimate points you have raised above, then fine. You have identified issues which are a potential problem, and they should be brought before the planning departmet.
    However I fully agree with Matt & Councilwatcher, some of the comments made were shocking, and i think the councillors themseleves need to really look at the comments made. I have a family member who has some mental health issues and unfortunately it is not something easily fixed but with help and support they are getting better.
    One thing I would like to say is many thanks to Councillor Frank Hemmings for the following, and I am sure both Matt & Councilwatcher would say the same.

    Cllr Frank Hemmings was the only committee member who challenged remarks made, saying: “Some are levelling these people as dangerous and possible criminals. They are people who need help and support, we should not assume all are dangerous to children, we should be helping these people.”

    Again, Thank you Mr Hemmings.



    Marvin you are absolutely right to bring this up and it is one of those things about modern public life. Those who actually do the right thing and have the right belief systems in place – e.g. behave as they are supposed to do not get enough praise.

    Unfortunately the light always gets shone on the scandals or the ones with the worse behaviour, people that need to alter their behaviours. Whilst condemnation is needed, we do also need to look more to members of the community who are actually able to lead from a moral viewpoint and hope that others can learn from them.

    So yes, Cllr Hemmings was the only one who spoke out against the awful comments and the abysmal thing is he was heckled for doing so. It’s a shocking state of affairs when someone is able to go against the crowd and stand up for others who can’t speak for themselves and say what they think is right, only to be shot down by the sneering negative critics. What a thoroughly toxic political environment we have in Wrexham council – something that is sadly emulated from in Westminster and also the Welsh Government. It is no wonder that there are so many people disenfranchised with the entire political machine and that voter apathy and turnout remains low.

    If we could actually get a decent set of people in to represent us locally and nationally then perhaps people wouldn’t feel so helpless as they’d feel like there was someone there serving their interests and not these self-serving career politicos who get system, financial and establishment backing to keep them in election after election with very little change.

    So yes, we need more Cllr Frank Hemmings in the mix. Bravo sir.



    Regarding below do we have such a Dweling in Hightown?

    I find this somewhat strange to be unwelcoming of those recovering from mental illnesseas into the community when there is a dwelling for sex offenders in Hightown.



    Regarding below do we have such a Dweling in Hightown?

    I find this somewhat strange to be unwelcoming of those recovering from mental illnesseas into the community when there is a dwelling for sex offenders in Hightown.

    There is reportedly a home for sex offenders in Hightown, but the exact location is kept a secret and managed by the local MAPP (Multi Agency Public Protection Panel) for obvious reasons.


    Council Watcher

    This is an incorrect statement – the property is for victims, not perpetrators.


    The Speaking Truth

    Some shocking comments made and not forgetting Cllr Jones’s “should be built as if it was a prison”. What a way to reach out to people in need of help.

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