Senedd or Welsh Assembly. Does it matter what it's called ?

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    AMA Express
    AMA Express

    A group of more than 30 actors, writers and celebrities have signed an open letter calling for the National Assembly for Wales to be given the Welsh-only name the Senedd.


    It will always be the south Wales government.



    Boy do the privileged not have their finger on the pulse.

    What’s that bloody crying over the name of the legislature. How about making a big deal about whether or not it’s even capable of making the right decisions across the whole of Wales.

    Oh that’s right back pats all round for preserving the Welsh language – which is in rude health already for those who want to use it and also double income for the printers with all the bilingual things we need all the time.

    Can we find 30 luvvies who care about the state of the healthcare system? I think not.

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