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    Bullying doesn’t just apply to children. Parents obviously think that those who shout loudest get their own way. It happens every year. Last year it was unsuitable hairstyles. The only people to blame if the little darlings miss their lessons are the parents.


    The Headmaster and Governors should be applauded for the stance they are taking, as should all other schools nationally who are pursuing a similar course of action.

    The policy has been proven on many occasions to increase academic performance levels and reduce bullying. It ensures that pupils cannot be singled out as being from a financially disadvantaged background by their peers, as ‘brand name’ apparel is most certainly a lever that is us used to show peer groups that they are somehow ‘better’.
    It also discourages parents from acting ostentatiously through their children.

    Well done Headmaster for taking this course of action as part of the schools initiative to raise standards.

    Spot on…..Wrexham’s schools enjoyed a difficult period and they have responded well by actually using approaches that work wherever they have been applied



    Thankfully my son grew up in Belgium so did not have to follow this draconian policy.

    Nothing at all draconian about setting standards and maintaining them. Schools are there to provide an education for later life and an attempt to instill some sort of discipline into youngsters is, in my book, very welcome. Perhaps if it was applied more rigorously across the board, we would see less of the deadbeats in Wrexham town centre.
    Uniform in the work environment is the norm, rather than the exception nowadays, it offers some measure of belonging to the individual. I can see absolutely no difference when applied children in their formative years.

    No problems here with louts on the streets. In fact I live very close to 3 different schools, none of who have uniform and never have a problem with the kids.



    As a parent I think it’s great. First it lets children know that in life there are rules, some of these may not be popular but are there to be obeyed regardless of if you like them. Secondly I’d much rather my children put on a uniform each morning for school rather than having the fuss over what to wear and what not to wear.

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