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    Over the past week, a number of stories are emerging from the corridors of power at both Westminster and recently National Assembly. There are clearly issues of the standards of behavior that people in power have shown and that is implied unacceptable and a blind eye is shown for a number of years by a range of people now starting to speak out.

    The pressure that people work under in all walks of life potentially bring male and females together in close proximity that results in personal boundaries becoming very blurred.

    In places, with a large workforce such as Local Authorities and Health Services, similar behaviors are likely to occur.

    How long will it be before workers both male and female across Local Authorities and Health Services start coming forward with allegations of sexual harassment and bullying?

    There is an argument that those who keep silent on such issues are as guilty as any perpetrator- how many thread readers have an empathy with the above but are part of the silence and veil of secrecy.



    Part of the problem , especially in Westminister, is the proliferation of bars providing taxpayer subsidised alcohol. Time for all the bars in Westminister serving the Commons and Lords to be shut. Drinking in the workplace is not acceptable.



    There have always been dirty old/young men & women out there in all walks of life. You do though have to wonder where all this is going. Boy meets girl, an exchange of glances, a touch of hands. Will they all be misconstrued in the future? Some of these complaints highlighted in Westminster detract from the very real problem of real sexual abuse & rape. For goodness sake, even a wolf whistle is frowned upon where there is contact.



    North Wales Child Abuse ring any bells?
    Bryn Estyn home?
    Ex Police Superintendant?
    Ex Wrexham Mayor?


    Participant I wonder if you would get the same answer as the Council Leader and Chief Executive if you asked Union reps the same question about harassment?

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