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    Wouldn’t that come from a differnt funding pot marked defence?



    An additional £7bn per year is going to be spent on defence by 2024 when there is little to no threat to UK civilian lives from invasion.

    If one pot increases, then unless taxation is ramped up massively then funding into other pots decreases.

    43,000 civilians were killed during the blitz and 126,000 have been killed by the Covid pandemic so far. It’s not difficult to see where is the best place to allocate resources in this current peace time climate.

    Boris and his Brexiteers promised £350m every week on the side of a bus to the NHS if we left the EU. He didn’t say let’s go spend more money on nukes so we can play Little Islander empire fantasies looking back through rose tinted glasses.

    In my personal opinion £7bn per year boost would be much better spent on paying for the training of and salaries of more doctors and nurses, an increase in available hospital beds and an increase in top of the range lifesaving medical equipment and drugs. Covid showed us we have been caught short on NHS healthcare provision. I can’t think of a time recently when we were caught short because we didn’t have enough nukes and warships.

    It’s just basic common sense in the 21st century – the years of jingoistic military expansion are over and only tinpot dictators living in North Korea think this is the most sensible way to go. We’re going to have an ever increasing ageing population who live longer and will need more healthcare that the NHS won’t be able to sustain, so let’s fund that and not a stupid military industrial complex.



    Nurses and Nukes



    What happened to that £37 Billion the Tories gave to serco and chums for an excel spreadsheet, glamorously described as ‘test and trace’?

    If we’re going to invest in a defence system, how about one that protects us from the Tories?

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