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    Why are people not receiving any responses and this is not about Dominic Cumming’s issue she would have been bombarded with those but she doesn’t seem to want to engage with her constituents and help them. While running scared of any criticism by blocking people on twitter. I know there are criticisms to be made of Ian Lucas based on how much of a fight he put up for your cause or any disagreements you may have had with his politics, but to not engage makes it really frightening.



    She is only receiving replies on twitter from people she follows. She is quite clearly incapable of tolerating criticism and is afraid of scrutiny!

    It’s bad enough having a Tory MP in Wrexham but to have one who is so poor at communicating and interacting with constituents is even worse!

    People moaned about Ian Lucas but at least he was around, he replied and was seen to be doing something! Sarah Atherton really is beyond poor.




    Was apparently “helping” to clean off the graffiti from the Churchill statue today in London.

    Which we later find meant she was just there for a photo opportunity and there was actually someone else doing the cleaning.

    I’d ask her what she thinks about Churchill’s record in Wales with the Tonypandy riots, but of course she’s disabled replies on her tweets as standard.



    That’s a shame. I’d be interested to know about that and what her thoughts are on Churchill’s role in the Bengal famine of 1943.

    By the way, Churchill was a principal player in the setting up of the European Convention on Human Rights. So he did have some redeeming features. Funny how his alleged fans don’t like these human rights that were set up to avoid the repetition of the sort of crimes against humanity committed in the Second World War.



    Would be interesting to know Ms Atherton’s views regards Churchill advocating the use of gas against Kurds and Afgans.
    “I cannot understand the squeamishness about the use of gas” he wrote in a memo during his role as Minister of War and Air, 1919.



    “Without history” How would that work?



    Votethecouncillorsout so someone has started threatening precious statues of your favourite figures from history and you go and show your full hand Royal Flush of just how disgusting and racist you are with that comment.

    Have you not thought for a second how many people actually read this forum and don’t necessarily post, or even the ethnicities of the people who do contribute? Or their families?

    Talking about black people in that way or anyone for that matter in 2020 is pathetic and only a complete loser who hides behind anonymity would be “brave” enough to post it.

    You should be ashamed of yourself.



    Matt is totally right, I am appalled by this. I started a thread about our local MP avoiding its own people and its been used to spread vulgar comments. We should have a safe space for humour and having a debate, but I have no time for comments like that. There are arguments for keeping Churchill and it has already been said they won’t remove him. I can see why people have a point of view about removing statues and putting them in a museum because it provides context rather than just glorifying these people. Its citizens have to pay for its upkeep because its in the public square, that’s why people get infuriated.

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