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    They’re late 2008/early 2009 vehicles originally registered on CX58 plates, certainly not mid 90s! They are refurbished but at a cost of somewhere in the region of £20k per bus so hardly a light investment!

    Just the one Cymru Coastliner bus! It’s from Rhyl and usually operates the 11 service (Chester – Rhyl). It’s been covering whilst one of the newer single deck buses went off for refurbishment so that it can act as a spare for the Sapphire vehicles without looking scruffy (now registered J999 ABW, originally on a CX57 plate if anyone’s interested)!

    The Cyrmu Coastliner bus will be back off to Rhyl now the spare bus has also been refurbished, unfortunately! Breakdowns should be less frequent now too – teething troubles with some of the new electrical systems installed during refurb I’m led to believe.

    Are we going to have some decent drivers drafted in too rather than the arrogant t**ts that drive some of the buses now?



    Haha, they’ve received extra customer service training to operate the sapphire service would you believe! ;-)

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