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    It was really nice to see Santa and his sleigh coming to Rhos last night- I think it might have been The Venture and AVOW that brought it round. It was brilliant to see the look on the faces of the little children. It looks like there are a number going around Christmas this year from different organisations and I would urge people to make donations to these worthwhile causes that do so much good work in our communities to help individuals.



    Does anyone have a contact for the people who organised a sleigh in Llay as it was really good the other night and I’d like to thank them.



    It would have been nice for more notice about the sleigh coming around. I found out that there was one at the far end of Hightown the day AFTER it was there, however it came nowhere near the Barracks end of Hightown. Such a shame because i have a very upset 6 year old who was looking forward to it.

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