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    Given that Wrexham’s links with the RAF are now very tenuous (RAF Wrexham is now just an enormous hole in the ground), why is our supposedly cash-strapped Council allocating money to a celebration?
    This is the same Council who are proposing to take away supported employment for people with learning difficulties, but who apparently have a “blank cheque” for military celebrations.
    We have Councillor Griffiths as our “Armed Forces Champion” – which Councillor is our “Disabled People’s Champion”?

    Not to mention they don’t want to fund the CAB & Exec board are so shameful they don’t give full council any powers or say. Had enough of the disgusting dictatorship – Exec Board should be scrapped. We have to wait until May 2022 to even get a chance if ending this disgusting farce running our town into the ground. They’ve brought local government into complete disrepute.

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