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    My understanding is that the recent and significant delays around the Rhosddu bridge area, were a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME, and that the objective of replacing gas lines, was NOT achieved.The sizeable hole was backfilled with no actual gas line replacement having been completed. The ground crew were unable, and in fact unwilling, to work on the complex junction of gas lines , at a depth of some 2,5 mts PLUS, with insufficient shuttering to prevent the high risk of hole collapse with passing traffic so close .The road will have to be closed to ALL traffic in BOTH directions to complete the work scope. So boys and girls, be prepared for this on going saga, to both continue and indeed be considerably worse next year. I am assuming the spiralling related costs will be shouldered by Wales and West, but feel equally confident that consumers will foot the bill in the long term. Its yet another case of contractors performing sub standard pre and post job risk assessments, and Wrexham Council not supervising reviewing plans for ongoing work adequately.


    Maureen Gray

    Should get the virgin contractors in, they’re back and to at the same job, they don’t use tarmac but fit a zip!

    The council should bite the bullet once and for all and build a roundabout. At peak times it must be one of the busiest junctions in town. There is plenty of room for it too!


    Ive read some rubbish over the years Maureen, and you wrote all of it! You stupid woman!

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