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    Estyn published the report of their recent inspection of Rhosnesni High School last week and judged the school to be in Need of Significant Improvement.
    Reading the recent report it is clear that the school would have now gone back into Special Measures if it was not for the progress made under the new head teacher who was only appointed in June 2018.
    The recent report is not good reading. Standards at the school are unsatisfactory and need urgent improvement. All other aspects of the school’s work are at best adequate and need improvement.
    Rhosnesni High School was placed in Special Measures by Estyn in 2013. The school only came out of Special Measures in 2015 when the school was judged by Estyn to have made good progress.
    What was the governing body of the school and Wrexham council’s education department doing over the last three years to prevent the school going backwards into Special Measures?



    Three of the seven secondary schools in North Wales which are categorised as Red schools are in Wrexham.
    These schools have the lowest exam results and require the greatest amount of support.
    The Red secondary schools in Wrexham are Bryn Alyn, Clywedog and Rhosnesni.
    Clywedog and Rhosnesni were supposed to be Wrexham’s Super Schools!



    The Super Schools were identified as a complete sham all those years ago by the public -they had overwhelming public opposition even pre-social media. Now nobody in authority has any way of fixing the mess creating.

    Wrexham’s once proud comprehensive system – a complete laughing stock.



    To get good education results people need to work in partnership- pupils, teachers and parents.
    No teacher is going to get out of bed in the morning and think I am going to do a bad job today (if they are then they need to get out of the job NOW)
    Pupils similarly don’t intentionally get out of bed and think Im going to be a bad pupil today (they may however decide to carry on being a pain to teachers and other pupils because they know no better- there expectations need to be raised) Parents need to be behind their children, supporting them and encourage to do better than perhaps they did in school. If a pupil has a parent who is out of work, drinks and drugs then what type of role model do they have to set an example – schools can teach subjects but parents can teach social skills and their children)

    A full commitment from ALL three will see changes — it may not be a school’s job to educate and support parents but unless the home and parental support is in place, we will always have failing pupils, failing schools resulting in a lost generation.

    It should also be noted that the problems should not be pinned just at the secondary schools as they are often having to take pupils from failing primary schools – this that are in the red or amber zones on the league tables. Poor quality primary education is leading to poorly educated 11-year olds moving into secondary schools.



    The Estyn website makes interesting reading
    Over the last six years four Wrexham secondary schools have been placed in Special Measures by Estyn. They are Bryn Alyn, Clywedog, Rhosnesni and Ruabon.
    During the same period three Wrexham secondary schools were placed in the category of In Need of Significant Improvement by Estyn (slightly better than Special Measures). They include Grango, Morgan Llwyd and now Rhosnesni (2019).
    In their 2013 inspection Darland was placed in the category of requiring Estyn Monitoring (slightly better than In Need of Significant Improvement).
    The standards of examination results achieved and the quality of education in Wrexham secondary schools is not acceptable.
    The young people of Wrexham have a right to expect better than this.



    What are Wrexham Council doing to address the current unacceptable situation in Wrexham secondary schools?
    What are Wrexham Council education scrutiny committee doing to challenge the current situation in secondary education in Wrexham?
    What is the current head of the education department and the lead council member for education doing to justify their large salaries when they are clearly having no impact at improving education practice in secondary schools in Wrexham?

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