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    A new pedestrian crossing has been installed on Rhosddu Road by the shop. Amazingly there are parking bays within the Zig Zag lines! How can this be legal?

    Highway code rule 165- You MUST NOT overtake the nearest vehicle to a pedestrian crossing. This applies if the vehicle is stationary or moving.

    Fine up to £1,000, 3 penalty points and discretionary disqualification from driving.

    So if I am approaching the crossing from Rhosrobin and a car is parked by the crossing, I MUST stop and call the Police as I cannot make legal progress on the road.


    Born Acorn

    The rules are clear.

    15.25 No other marking may be
    used within the controlled area, except hatched and
    chevron markings in the circumstances described in
    para 15.26


    Well…Lucky old Rhosddu shoppers…..While here in town the poor children crossing over main Ruthin rd in top of Pen y Bryn…on their way to St Mary’s school….take their life in their hands when they try to cross such a terribly busy road….Maybe the council, in their great wisdom, should spare a thought for them…Grrr…


    Welsh Dresser

    Is there not a lollypop person there to guide them across?



    This was proposed as part of the Greenacres office refurbishment about 5 years ago but deemed too expensive to move it.


    I was baffled when I saw them putting up the traffic lights by the garden of rest in Rhosddu. Why? Well simples….after many pleas and arguments these lights were removed just a few years ago. Nearby residents had complained about the beeping when people pressed to cross the road. So at great expense they were removed. Here we are a few years later and they have been re-erected….at great expense again. What are the council thing of?

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