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    Welsh Dresser

    @benjaminm 8068 wrote:

    I am totally willing to listen to the thoughts of others providing those thoughts have been thought out. Bald statements without sound foundation do little to enhance credibility.
    I was just pointing out that the statement you made lacks substance in its’ assumption. If you are not able to accept a quite valid observation, that is not my problem.
    And thank you for permitting me to join in with discussions when I learn to suffer gladly.

    ‘I would suggest that he is henceforce, ignored’



    Welsh dresser, re your comment above:
    I refer to your posts under the thread ‘100 worst places to live’ at 0510pm and 0849pm on 17th July 2013.
    A change of heart or just double standards? You decide! :-)


    Y Ffin

    Sounds like a sensible idea. Remploy was closed down because the Disability Movement has campaigned against ghettoising people with disabilities in factories such as these. They want people with disabilities to have real jobs in the real economy and in society proper. The site makes far more sense as housing than as an industrial location.


    Welsh Dresser

    I agree that if the disabled can be intergrated into the workplace it benefits both them and the able bodied. If you have the chance to befriend a disabled person you find that you gain a new perspective. An example is corridors. Fine if you just walk up them but in a wheelchair they become an obstacle course. Narrow ones scrape the knuckles and you either give way or the wheelchair bound have to. Try negotiating around a cramped office. Impossible so conversation is held from the doorway. I have nothing but admiration for the disabled. They have more courage in their little fingers than most of the able bodied population have in their whole being.



    I agree that where possible disabled people should be integrated but realistically, will it happen? On occasion in some factories it could could become a danger to other workforce to have wheelchairs in the same environment, for example with fork lift trucks & on building sites. They were doing a worthwhile job at Remploy & it was all geared up for the disabled. I do hope that the people are all still in gainful employment & not stuck at home bored & feeling useless.



    This development is obviously going to increase traffic at one of the worst traffic black spots in the area. Unless the development seeks to improve the part of the road under the bridge it can’t be allowed to go ahead. There are plenty of other areas where developments can be done.


    Well said, there have apparently been a few interested buyers but pulled out for some reason. It makes me wonder whether it’s because of the location.


    Born Acorn

    Maybe the council could get the developers to build a ramped footbridge over the railway. Could cite pushchair/wheelchair access under the current bridge.

    Then the council could knock out the current walkway in the bridge and widen the road! Stansty bridge issue sorted.


    Welsh Dresser

    Wasn’t this idea mentioned somewhere or have I dreamt it? It would be the ideal solution.



    I suggested that it could be a condition but seeing how the Brymbo Development people are reneging on their promises of the spine road, whilst building more & more houses, it is a worry whether the developers would actually go though with it if left until the end.

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