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    Has anybody a view on Mr King being removed as lead member.
    During the last months we have seen a media blitz with regard to council officials not fulfilling their obligations to report allegations raised to them for further investigation.
    Rotherham, Rochdale, and elsewhere in particular.

    Without knowing the full circumstances, and being sure this nothing to do with child abuse enquiries, historical or otherwise, is it not brave in the extreme to remove a council leader for grasping the nettle and publicly voicing concerns expressed to him.

    Hasn’t Mr King in this instance simply acted correctly, albeit that the allegations prove unfounded or are found unproven. Naturally staff on the receiving end will be ” upset “, but if Mr King had not acted Wrexham could be in the media yet again in relation to children and their care.

    It seems like some kind of night of the long knives scenario ?



    Let’s see if any other members of the Local Labour Group are prepared to come out in the open and reveal the other problems in the Group. It is only a few weeks ago that Clr David Griffiths was ousted. Really makes you wonder of this is about the allegations that were made or more fundamental leadership issues.
    It is interesting that the Leader of the Council has now taken on the Finance Portfolio– who in their right mind would want a portfolio such as this at a time when there are going to be so many budget cuts. Looking at the current Labour Party membership there does not appear to be anyone who stands out as being a potential financial wizz kid to guide the Council through one of its most difficult periods. Will we see someone from the opposition coalition parties get the appointment or will their be more blood letting with an overall challenge for the Leadership of the Council. The next full Labour Group meeting is next Monday– I will be watching very closly for any new changes.



    The next Exec Board on September 9th could make for interesting viewing if a new Leader of Finance isn’t appointed. Could see the Council leader chair the meeting and run through the finance plans!




    I would have thought that one of the prerequisites for levelling accusations would be ensure that the information has substance and verifiable. This patently was not the case as was highlighted by Helen Ryan, the independent investigator appointed scrutinise the allegations. In that aspect, it was remiss of Cllr. King to pitch headlong into the course of action he took, apparently, without verification.
    It is unclear who his report was submitted to, but whoever it was, deserves credit for expeditiously putting the investigation in train.
    It certainly isn’t unknown for individuals to be removed from post (or required to resign) for bringing an organisation into disrepute, if the allegations made have no substance in fact. This should not be confused with a whistleblowing situation where there is substance for making the allegations or highlighting deficiencies.
    In the circumstances, based on the limited information published on the matter, I consider it fitting that the portfolio has been removed from him.
    With regard to the comment from Dylan regarding the ‘ousting’ of Cllr David Griffiths, what evidence does he have to back that assertion up? If my memory serves me correctly, at the same time that Cllr Griffiths resigned his role as a Lead Member, so too did Cllr Bob Dutton. Or was he ousted too?
    That last paragraph is just a little example of how jumping to conclusions without substantiation can have the same result as highlighted by Katia in her opening post.



    Benjamin the problem that anyone has when given information which potentially has a Child protection or Vulnerable Adults they should not under any circumstances carry out any investigations themselves. There are very clear Safeguarding Policies that are in place within the Council that cover reporting and investigation. Clr King or any individual has a duty to forward the information to the relevant officers which is what appears to have occurred. Failure to comply with the reporting process is an offence.
    Surely the fact that an independent review has been undertaken should be seen as vindicating the Council rather than victimizing Clr King.
    Only time will tell with lots of these type of issues – you only need to look at some of the information coming out from Rotherham and the Bryn Estyn investigations– all of which had investigations over the years. This in no way infers that the same issues are about again within Wrexham but are highlighting how matters and views can after reassessment lead to different conclusion and remedies.



    My worry is Councillor Kings claim on TV that he has been approached by 4 separate social workers from the same team. If what he claims is true and I’ve no reason to doubt him, it should be of the greatest concern.



    Isn’t this quote the one to take notice of. Quote” Independent investigators described the allegations as ‘without any credible evidence to support them’, and ‘provocative’.” Unquote. Surely Councillor King’s claims have been investigated thoroughly for this to be the outcome. I wouldn’t think that this decision has been taken lightly.



    I cannot believe that Clr King would have just conjured up concerns so what about those staff that felt they could confide in a Lead Council Member have they now been offered support by senior managers. What about those staff that felt they did not need to say anything as they had confidence that a report was being produced.
    What opportunity have the staff been given to now raise concerns as they have seen what has happened to Clr King. Irrespective of whether the original issues were right or wrong the Council has now developed a culture of fear that means people will keep quiet for fear of demotion or even the sack. The Council have got to build a lot of bridges with staff or we will find Wrexham being the centre of a major safeguarding problem.



    It is a grave pity that we continue to read about the wranglings within the Council, by and with whom, and at whatever level.

    Local people have much more pressing day to day pressures, such as their children, or caring for elderly relatives. All of which has grown substantially in the last 20 or 30 years, as education and relocation opens up to everyone, and we live a decade or two longer.

    Can the 50 or so elected people not get the focus onto the community, and overcome the wranglings of their organisation, whoever may be amidst them

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