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    Council Watcher

    What a fantastic turnout for the Wrexham commemoration of Remembrance today at the town Ware Memorial. The number of children and young people and all their volunteer leaders was a credit to everyone. The young people of today are the future and it is important that they don’t forget the past and the tragedies of war.
    Let us all never forget the ultimate sacrifice that so many have done over the years and unfortunately still dying in so many conflicts across the world.
    (Pity there was no army band today as they send a shiver down your spine when you hear them in the distance marching up Chester Street)


    Yes a very good turnout, the best for a few years. Just wish they had a better sound system it’s been rubbish for years.



    A fantastic turnout. Congratulations to all involved.


    Council Watcher

    Great evening service this evening at St Giles with Rhos Orpheus Choir packed with extra seating- well done to everyone who made this such a memorable occasions



    Just been looking at the pictures from the Tweets on the feed..

    Fantastic stuff! They’re all superb!

    Mark Riley @Prisonervi

    Ian Bancroft @brynawelon1

    Ian Lucas MP @IanCLucas

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