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    Grove Road , a lightly used road , has been completely resurfaced, while where it joins Chester Road the poorly filled craters have reappeared ! Further along Chester Road at the Acton Gate junction a portion of road was completely resurfaced at the same time as Acton Gate was resurfaced. In less than two years the surface is crumbling , so much for the Council’s 10 year guarantee! Perhaps the Council need to check the quality of the worked being undertaken in their name .

    AMA Express
    AMA Express

    No need to worry the councillors. The potholes in their car park have been filled.



    Maybe we should list the roads that are covered in pot holes,this to help the council locate the problem roads.
    Smithy Lane ,the whole length from Box Lane to Chester Rd is full of pot holes that have reappeared after a poor quality repair.



    The Tesco roundabout has some nasty potholes.



    There is an app that you can use.
    It’s calked Fill That Hole(sadly, it’s not a dating app😉😆) that allows the user to take a pic and give a brief description which is then passed to the local authority responsible.
    As an avid cyclist I’ll be making full use of it when the weather improves a tad, there are some shockers locally.



    I have no faith that they will do anything about the potholes we report.. They simply put case closed probably because they will need to be the size of a football pitch before they do anything.



    New tactic by the Council this week , fill potholes on one side of the road but not the other. Will look out for the other side to be done next week. Those left are much bigger than those repaired obviously!!



    The roads are in a shambolic state – there have been no attempts to remove incredibly hazardous & vehicle damaging potholes from a number of different locations across the county that have been their for months and are worsening due to the cold weather.

    Is it too much to ask in 2019 for my car not to risk damage just taking it out within the few local miles on a daily routine?

    Surely councillors are getting just as frustrated as everyone else with their vehicles being constantly crocked.

    The council tax rates are going up enough – bloody cough up and fix our roads.


    Wrexham ITK

    You know you can claim the cost of any repairs caused by potholes from the Council?



    In practice that is good after the event and for an individual. However, surely it would be more cost effective for the council to actually take the preventative measures to prevent vehicular damage in the first place rather than wait for everyone to rack up costs and then bill them later.

    It’s almost like an excusable get out clause to allow them to let the roads get in such a state in the first place.

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