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    Council Watcher

    As the Council embarks on its budget discsuion I wonder how many residents would be prepared to see an increase in their Rates by about 5% – approx 75p – £1.50 per week.
    Would residents by ‘happy’ with this idea if they knew what the extra funding was going to be used for?
    The collective benefit for the County could be huge and if it saves any more cuts being made want it be worth it!



    I would not be happy for any increase as the value received from the current rates terrible. Huge amounts of waste in the system as it is. More in rates will lead to more waste.



    Yes Council tax should be increased but for Social care but by only £2 a month for band C or higher. Its a little amount that would add up.

    AMA Express
    AMA Express

    I wouldn’t be happy with an increase of 70p – £1.50 a year ! I’d live to see a reduction in councillor’s wages and expenses though.



    Maybe the council could clarify in plain English what the rates are actually spent on. That way people might actually be a bit more willing to pay or pay extra. I would pay more to protect essential services, but wouldn’t want to subsidise those who don’t/won’t pay.



    AMA Express– I would second your thought of a reduction in Councillor’s wages.

    Just looking at the attendance register for meetings between 26/3/18 and 18/9/18. Councillor’s between them were expected to attend 809 meetings..
    Councillor’s were absent from those meetings on 168 occasions. 20% absence level to me is not good enough.


    Mike Davies


    Newwales – why should families etc… in larger homes be penalised by Band C and above and have to pay for those who are in Band A and B properties? Rate payers already have to prop up all the council tax exempt households as it is.

    If there would be a rate hike it would fairly have to be across the board. But at the same time I’m sure plenty would be reluctant to pay any extra across the board when so much money is wasted every year – Money that went to Ty Pawb, money that was wasted on legal fees for the Groves and so on and so forth.

    Also, the things that were cut back in the difficult decisions, they’d need to be reinstated rather than lost for good.

    I’ll pay extra money to the Fire and Rescue Authority though if it means ensuring the long term safety of the pump and firefighter jobs they continuously threaten to axe.

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