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    Can anyone tell me when Caia Park was changed from Queens Park and why was it changed ?

    The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.



    Spotted this reference from just over ten years ago:

    “However, millions of pounds has been spent rejuvenating the area and its name was changed in the 1980s from Queens Park to Caia Park to give the estate a fresh image.”

    BBC NEWS | Wales | North East Wales | Caia residents survey damage

    And this on the Council’s site Changing Times, Changing Places – Wrexham Incorporated – WCBC
    “After the Second World War, Queen’s Park was built as Wrexham’s New Jerusalem in the Caia fields. The slums were cleared away, but ending poverty and social exclusion is a task that the Council still works to achieve today.

    Queen’s Park is being developed to become a complete social entity with its own school, places of worship, shopping centre, playing fields and a community centre.
    A History of Wrexham, 1957″

    Very much a skim of history via google – and I am sure there are posters (and unregistered readers!) who can give a better account!


    I could be wrong for once, but wasnt in renamed after the riots??



    The Making of a Criminal: A Comparartive Study of Two Delinquency Areas by Patricia Elton Mayo was published in 1969 and was a comparative study between an area of Marseille and Queens Park. This book had a negative impact on Queens Park and the town in general. The damage was done and the name was ultimate changed but not until much later.



    The problem with the change was it still covered the whole area rather than the more local names of Genfro, Y Wern, Spring Lodge etc. It now means that every time something goes wrong and people in court efc always seen as a problem all over Caia when clearly this is not the case. The Council need to use smaller areas to avoid everyone being tarnished with the same issues. This has worked in similar type areas around UK and other countries. It js not that long ago when a hone with a Queens Park address would nit get job interviews because if the areas reputation.

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