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    It is said that when Parliament is in recess news is thin on the ground. This time Wrexham.com you have produced the least newsworthy item I have ever had the displeasure of reading.
    What was whoever made the FOI request on when dreaming up such a stupid idea?
    £1400 over a 3 year period for Civic attendees – less than £500 per year or another way, less than £10 per week.
    The probable cost to WCBC in providing such information would very likely cost almost as much!
    You have finally confirmed your anti Council editorial position in no uncertain terms. Perhaps your next inane FOI request could be the cost of providing toilet paper for Guildhall employees.
    An explanation of how you consider the column inches devoted to such infantile claptrap would, I am sure make for interesting reading.



    I submitted the FOI and to give a brief background it was based off one or two rumblings of discontent over the costs or perceived costs that were being aired around town.

    Although there has been an interesting comment on https://www.facebook.com/wrexhamdotcom/photos/a.388546797866742.90367.223136377741119/676462455741840/?type=1 about a Welsh Government nominee being very proud to attend, but covering their own costs.

    Similarly on that thread a few have mentioned it seems about right for a trip to that there London, so could put to bed any such ‘rumblings’.

    Likewise I think it would be wrong to FOI and only make public the ones that are hugely inappropriate. It reminds me of Local MP Ian Lucas Doesn’t Top Expense Table | Wrexham.com – where local MP’s expenses were nothing noteworthy but they were put out there and detailed so not only is it on the record but also allows people to make up their own mind.

    Now if anyone wants to have a debate about the monarchy and if such hereditary rule should be brought to local government posts we could have a thread pivot! ;)



    Much more food for thought on the story today about the WAG costing the public purse £423,000 this year alone on subsidised canteens.

    Maybe local AMs would like to comment on whether they feel this is appropriate.

    In this context by comparison Wrexham Council look positively fiscally efficient.

    BBC News – Welsh government meal subsidies 'stick in the throat'


    I suspect the real point about FOI requests is that until they are undertaken, no one actually knows what is being spent by who and on what. Although the hardened researcher can often work the figures out or they are tucked away in a Report, the lack of real transparency makes it hard working out if there is some sort of gravy train going on.

    I suspect that Benjamin has a good point about cost when perhaps the FOI request is put in on a whim (if that ever happens)



    If this type of information was more easily available instead of being buried away to make it difficult to obtain, perhaps it would not be necessary to make FOI requests.



    One of the easiest ways to work out some of the expenditure is to go onto Wrexham Council Payments over £500 – WCBC wher all items over £500 are listed and the suppliers.



    The way this expenditure was listed and allocated it would not have shown up as each item is below ££500.

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