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    If it were cost effective to ban smoking altogether then I am sure that it would be. The tax revenue is the reason that there is so much smuggling of cigarettes into the country because legal cigarettes are an exorbitant price. I have to admit though that it is so much nicer as a non smoker to be able to go into a restaurant for a meal without somebody lighting up. Note that people who have been heavy smokers who have managed to kick the habit are then it’s biggest critics. Once they actually realise that others really do smell like a dirty ashtray they are appalled that they have been the same.


    Welsh Dresser

    Take a stroll past the hospital and you will see a crowd of smokers gathered by the doorways, some with drips attached. While it is still legal to smoke it can’t be banned effectively. I wouldn’t tell someone who had just lost a loved one to stub out their security blanket at the time they need it most.

    I agree that smoking shouldn’t be allowed indoors where nonsmokers are present but outside where the air dilutes the effects is ok with me.


    It makes me wonder: Do the governments really want us to stop smoking?
    Where on earth would they get the Billions in revenue from if no one smoked?
    I guess petrol would have to go up to £5 a litre and a pint in the pub to £6.

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