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    The Council are yet again looking to use legislation to ‘move’ a problem from one part of the county to another. The first PSPN on Rhosddu Park resulted in a move for the people causing a problem it did not stop them. The same will happen with a Town Centre ban — look out any of the area just on the fringe they will be moving to your area.
    Why have they not included the Groves site when the Council have highlighted this in reports as a problem area for drug and alcohol problems?
    If someone is homeless and they are fined but cant afford to pay , how long will it be before they are in court and then sent to prison for non payment. How much have the Council got in their budget to fund all of the legal costs to take someone to court and how much will it cost the state in prison costs.
    Many of these people have mental health problems and ex military veterans- where is the help for these people?
    There cant be many people who wake up in the morning one day and say I want to be a drug addict or alcoholic?
    To those of you who think this is a a do gooder perspective reflect on your own life and family and think how close you or a relative have been to being one of these defined ‘troublemakers’.



    This is not a new problem. The encampment on the ground next to Capel Y Groes, has been there in some form for nearly ten years. Mollie Bereford when she was the local Councillor for Grosvenor Ward had the whole area tidied up and the trees pruned to make the area more open to discourage people sleeping rough in the area. The most recent group living there have had a huge Welsh flag flying between two tents for weeks so the Council and police can’t have been unaware of their presence. In addition to groups of rough sleepers are those who live in the centre of town in Hostels like the ones on Grosvenor Road, Holt Road and St John’s House on Chester Road,they have to vacate during the day. Where are these people expected to go during the day ? There is a need to treat the root cause of the problem rather than just move it to another part of the County Borough.



    Wrexview, There is no requirement for residents to leave either the hostel in Grosvenor road or st Johns House on Chester Road. There is a requirement for people to leave the night shelter in the day because its a night shelter.

    Whilst I understand the need for action I would ask everyone to read the details of the proposed Public Space Protection Order the powers that this if agreed gives the Police and Council are horrific not just for venerable people on the street but the general public as well. “using a sledgehammer to crack a nut springs to mind”


    I have also seen people sleeping rough around the corner from the main entrance to the baths.



    Does anyone have any sort of answer to this problem? People do actually have a choice, whether it is to take drugs, drink or smoke. If they didn’t, then why isn’t everybody else in the same boat?
    I hope that people who think that it is OK for children to see dirty old men on street corners and in parks, drinking & taking drugs, are the ones who are actually trying to do something about it and don’t expect somebody else to clean up the needles, vomit, excrement and rubbish.
    Buy them a sandwich or a drink, offer to phone someone by all means, just don’t give them money. The other day I was witness to someone doing just that and the person in question walked away in disgust.



    Key to many of the people who are homeless or rough sleeping is that for a variety of reasons they can’t cope with life and have turned to drugs and alcohol you are unlikely to find anyone who has decided that this is a life style by choice. Mental health issues take many forms and many reasons why they cant cope or feel unable to seek help (help that very often is not there as can be seen by the Council approach to move people on – out of sight out of mind seems to be the policy).
    Solutions —
    1. A night shelter that can provide day time support rather than be thrown out at 8.00am and not return to 8.00pm
    More day time support with professionals looking to get people into recovery rather than just engaging with them.
    2. Support for families who have someone who has a substance misuse problem in their life- families are ideally placed to be part of the recovery but very little help is given to them to understand the issues.
    3. A Council that supports their own staff through substance dependency — you don’t need to be homeless to have a problem.
    4. Agencies to work closer together and not pass the buck from one to another- collective working.
    5. Perhaps the establishment of a proper encampment site for those unable to get into the night shelter (it only takes 16)– proper sanitation facilities would be a start.
    6. The Council have masses of office space empty since they have cut back on services and the numbers employed – why can’t they open up empty office space.

    Key to any change is a recognition that these people need help through a troublesome part of life and a willingness to want support. Get over these two barriers and many solutions will start to work- a break down on either side and it will be an increasing problem.

    Regarding the bigger issue of the Order that they are looking to establish — you may fund that if your child is in town with 6 mates that they will be deemed to be an anti social risk and be moved on separately. Is this what you want for your child to be labelled?



    still, I find it hard to feel symphathy for most of them. The 1 who threw a full beer can at my car on grosvenor road or the 2 completely drugged up weaving through town on their free bikes today or the 1 I saw shoplifting in wh smith today for instance.



    I totally agree with the comments made by 99Dylanjones however there are a range of services in Wrexham for this community(however not sure these are the services that the community want).KidA not sure an alcoholic would throw a full can of beer away.
    It is strange that the Council seem set on victimising the venerable whilst supporting alcohol abuse as part of the night time economy providing treatment for those who have drunk to much. I note loads of licenced premises are in the exclusion zone- (Oh on second thoughts they pay business tax so they will be okay then).



    The Maesgwyn park area and the area around Moneypenny has become awful for drug taking. Many of the homeless from around town tend to use this area more since being moved on from Rhosddu. I have found lots of empty bottles of methadone, needles and empty cans and bottles of booze!

    I used to feel really sorry for these people but now just wish someone would shift them all on to Minera Mountain and keep them out of the town centre! It’s not just the drinking and drug taking , it’s the crime they generate and the litter they leave about – not to mention they use Maesgwyn playing fields as a toilet.

    The police should confiscate any alcohol and drugs! Do random stop and searches, that would soon make them stay out of the town centre!




    If you have ever known anyone who is an alcoholic, you would know that they have to hit the gutter. Then the only way is for them to ask for help, which is where Alcoholics Anonymous comes in. Alcoholics Anonymous don’t ask them to join, they have to show that they want to stop drinking. It is a long hard road.
    I would imagine that it would be much the same for drug takers. They ruin not only their own but their families lives as well. How many times do you read about them stealing from their own grandparents? Throwing money at them does nothing. How many pop stars have to keep going back into rehabilitation clinics?
    I am sorry, I don’t want them in my backyard & I don’t want to see them in town either.

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