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    I thought Cllr Hugh Jones comment about the success will be to look at how many people are rehabilitated is interesting- that implies that anyone identified as committing an offence first has the chance to access services- I wonder if this is the same Detox Unit that can only take two people from Wrexham at a time, or is it one of the services that he has been quoted previously as saying we have too many of in Wrexham.
    Are we now to assume the enforcement officers and PSPO’s will sit down with the drinkers and drug takers and become a Social Worker to get them to access the services that don’t have the capacity to cope?
    Double standards by Cllr Jones to justify a scheme that clearly is not working.



    Cllr Hugh Jones has made some strange comments recently but to be fair he does live on a different planet
    to the rest of us as do some other of the muppets that make the decisions that have an effect on us all.



    Can Cllr Hugh Jones give us the number who have been successfully rehabilitated.


    Successfully inebriated don’t you mean!

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