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    I think that you will probably find that it isn’t the miners that are so passionately against fracking Mrs. Crewe.


    Mrs Crewe
    Mrs Crewe

    I don’t belive that I said that miners were against fracking. I said that those against fracking are the same people in many cases who were pro miners.



    Interesting comments on a few of these threads… strange that the perceived possibility of increased housing demand (and therefore prices) due to the impending arrival of the prison seems to have been highlighted but not the opposite effect that this is likely to cause?:confused:

    e.surv Surveyors | e.surv reviews the real estate market – Blog – Property rates most likely to plummet in fracking-prone areas around UK

    If this is were to occur if/when drilling commences it means that those of us who live around a mile or so from this site would actually struggle to afford to sell up and move elsewhere to let those who maybe OK with activity to get on with it (have actually seriously thought about this).

    As for scientific/geological evidence that are issues surrounding onshore unconventional gas extraction there are plenty of reports out there and you really don’t have to look all that hard to find them. The geologists report of the issues of Groningen made for concerning reading, certainly didn’t fill me with confidence.

    I am not a protestor but having done plenty of research and spoke at fair length to a representative of the drilling company involved here I remain wholly unconvinced that these basically self-regulated operations should be allowed to drill anywhere near residential dwellings.



    Probably the reason why there are so many houses for sale on the Fairways estate then but none seem to be moving.

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