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    Here we go again. Another locally unpopular and ludicrous proposal. However, Gower homes seem to have an uncanny knack of getting all their proposals accepted !

    This is how it will pan out…

    Atkinson will do everything to get the proposal thrown out, this will maintain his local credibility and local following.

    The council will initially reject the plans. The councillors will be blackmailed by the Planning Dept of the consequences of rejection.

    The councillors will vote for a site visit.

    A close vote will see the plans approved with all councillors in the immediate vicinity voting against. The totally undemocratic chairman may even give a casting vote for the council, rather than for the wishes of the people of the borough whom he represents (he should be de-selected).

    Where is democracy ……



    Most of the recent big planning applications in the Wrexham area have been met with an outcry. We definitely need more housing to meet present and future needs. The planning department certainly has its moments but on the whole its seems to understand this. Pointless turning down a valid application that will go to appeal and end with Wrexham tax payers paying huge costs. Not sure what makes you the expert in planning matters that maybe unpopular with the NIMBY lot but its certainly not ludicrous. Gower to be fair as a local building company actually use the local workforce and local suppliers keeping many people in work and creating other job opportunities, the big nationals bring there workforce and materials with them. Some affordable houses in Gresford would be a welcome change and am sure the local shop and businesses would benefit. All other amenities will expand to cope as they have elsewhere.


    Maureen Gray

    And another thing, can someone explain what actually is ‘affordable’ houses?? Is it as opposed to unaffordable?? If so why build unaffordable, as no one could buy them!

    AMA Express
    AMA Express

    Affordable housing is housing which is deemed affordable to those with a median household income as rated by the national government or a local government by a recognized housing affordability index.

    The government definition of affordable housing states it must be provided at a level at which the mortgage payments on the property should be more than would be paid in rent on council housing, but below market levels.



    Will the Sheriff of Gresford seek to chase the builder over the boirder to Llay or wlcome them by thinking that there is the chance of another 80+ votes if he tells the new house holders he welcomed the development.


    Captain C

    What the hell have you got against Andrew Atkinson. He can’t win in your book. Is it because he does not vote Labour or have you some other grudge against him. Whenever I have met him he seems a nice hard working guy. By the way turn on your spell checker.



    Captain C last time I checked there was no law against a bit of political satire.

    There is also no requirement to like everybody from Wrexham. Every single time someone knocks The Sheriff one of his deputies pipes up to his defence.

    I’m more concerned that nobody ever backs up Clr Pritchard and he faces far greater scrutiny than Andy. Must everybody have a personal grudge against him? Why doesn’t someone set-up a Leader of the Council Fan club? There must be some people who liked him or he wouldn’t have so many votes.



    TBH it does get a bit repetitive. No matter what his political persuasion.
    I wish that my councillor cared enough to make sure that undesirables left his constituency. Only see him at election time.


    Hugh Bet

    Oh please leave Sheriff Andrew alone on this issue.
    If he can facilitate me with with an affordable home in lovely Gresford i will be walking on air, in seventh heaven and happy as a flea in a kennel.

    If any travellers perch on my property then the Sheriff will be there to escort them into Llay.


    Captain C

    Why would he do that? He lives in Llay.

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