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    Participant report that ‘Progress Being Made in Tackling Issues With Discarded Needles in Wrexham’,
    well if progress is measured by any number of concerned organisations coming together to have meeting after meeting and then taking their findings to a further meeting with a T&C group formed, then a sub T&C group then a breakaway fraction group etc…etc. then yes. And Yes, that is how its measured by the way.
    But please, come on cut the crap, put the funding wasted on these meetings and groups to form a small dedicated team [of workers] to go out to the ‘hotspots’ and clean-up for the honest members of society – such as humans, children & dogs to go about safely in public areas. There is no amount of education or facilities in the world that will change these so called ‘unfortunates & vulnerable’ drug takers so they will not disregard needles – once they shoot up the do not know what planet the are on never mind ‘ohh I must clean up’!. The groups at the meetings claim not to know where these ‘hotspots’, some are bleeding obvious – and reported on this site daily – and others are known.

    Just speak to the locals, shop keepers, street scene workers, emergency services, in fact, why not arrange a meeting with the very top people of the concerned organisations, maybe created a T&F Group and then…oh, bugger!



    I saw this in the BBC last night:
    I’m surprised that it is claimed residents were “happy” to do this themselves.
    I am also genuinely interested in who the CAIS “volunteers” were. Were the volunteers themselves drug addicts, or were the drug addicts too busy to help in the clean up, what with their work commitments and so on.



    The BBC news item looked like it was a set up == nice new hi viz for volunteers for Cais who are being paid to pick up needles. Clearly they are not doing a good job as they filmed at the back of their own premises in King Street!

    The issue of discarded needles are clearly a major issue but where is the debate taking place about the overall problem of drugs in Wrexham. General research in other paces shows that the visible sign of drug abuse in open spaces is the tip of the iceberg and that there is a massive level of drug abuse behind closed doors in the ‘comfort’ of a house. Look at the headline stories about celebrities that appear in the news.

    The Council seem to just be concentrating on what an area looks like without looking behind the doors of house to deal with the bigger picture that affects many families who don’t have anyone on the street drugged up but have relatives in their own house!!

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