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    Wrexham.Com have done it again by being first with the news hot on the tail of the Prison debate last week in Glyndwr. Your mole however hasn’t dug deep enough in the Council.
    The HMP Chester will undoubtedly link to the merger of Wrexham County with Chester City rather than Flintishire which is due to be announced in response to the Welsh Government Williams Commission.
    We should all embrace this change as it will mean Wrexham and Chester Football Club merging to form one to avoid the local derby ‘bubble’ games.
    The cafe culture that has struggled to get started in Wrexham will mean we can all still eat local by going to Chester in the north of the new county.
    Our local shopping will now have a bigger choice with the famous rows now being part of our shopping experience.
    To expand the city status to cover the whole new area St Giles will be rebranded as a Cathedral.
    All schools will be teaching the old Wenglish language to help bring all our children together through a common language
    To ease all the traffic flow on the A483 there will be a Park and Ride built in Holt to enable the new water bus service to run directly to the heart of Chester saving in the environmental pollution costs. The specially adapted boats will have office pods to enable work to be carried out on the journey.
    Like the naming of the prison there will be a competition launched soon with
    with first prize being £1000 a letter used.


    de ddwyrain

    You forgot to mention the building of thousands of new homes to fill in the empty space between Wrexham and Chester and a huge new retail park at Rossett. The new city can be called ‘Dee Valley Gateway’.

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