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    You should read the latest Welsh Language Act with its emphasis on a ‘muscular’ approach to the language. Hope you’re all ready for what’s coming



    I was trying to understand the logic of someone who calls a language “useless”.


    David Thomas

    I don’t think the OP has fully understood the article and whether there is a need to insult Welsh language on a ‘local’ forum as this is what seems to be his only intention.

    He actually funds the system by being a tax payer so has a say in the matter lol😂



    I could have quoted multiple posts but this’ll do for a start;
    Liam said;
    “What’s the cost of bringing this in then IMHO? I note from the article that rather than being an attempt to impose the Welsh language on people, this scheme is to support and encourage parents who do wish to raise their children bilingually. I think you’ll find that the amount spent on promoting the language is relatively modest compared to the majority of frontline services. If you come and live in Wales, don’t be too shocked when some of your hard-earned gets spent on boosting the indigenous language.”

    I don’t know the cost, do you? If the parents speak Welsh then the child will speak Welsh, if English (most likely) English it will be so, the actual point of the measure must be to encourage the parents to speak Welsh and if they can’t speak Welsh, to learn it as that is pretty much the only way their offspring is going to pick it up in the early years. The measure reeks of an Evangelism that one usually sees connected with promoting a religion; is that what pregnant women really need? Well Liam, you at least admit you are fine with millions of pounds of tax money being spent to prop the Welsh language up instead of going into essential services. At least you are honest but, don’t ever let me see you crying here about the lack of funds coming from the council for social services, old folk care, homelesness et al.
    I have been sniped at for calling the language useless well, in an international sense it is, as absolutely nowhere else in the world speaks it. The article in question here speaks of “the advantages” of being bi-lingual which, is, misleading as having two languages where one is useless anywhere in the world except it’s home country is not, in true terms, being bi-lingual. English plus French, German, Spanish for example is really going to assist a person in their travels abroad, Welsh isn’t.

    Anyhow, those of you that have “had a go” at me for bringing it up, will you please answer the question, are you happy that millions of pounds are spent on promoting the Welsh language instead of going into essential services? and, oh. yes, please do not give me the BS about it being a small amount compared to “front line” services as we have all seen how our councils are taking measures to save not just millions but a few thousand. We for instance, have seen the introduction of car parking charges for the disabled in order to raise a few thousand pounds so a few thou. from the welsh language support budget could have saved that.Too simplistic? perhaps, but, you get the idea.

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