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    Shakes head in disbelief;

    Midwives promote the benefits of bilingualism with expectant parents across north Wales

    As if prospective mothers haven’t enough to think about they now have these idiots with a religious type zeal banging on about teaching their newborn to speak an almost entirely useless language. “The benefits of biligualism”, the benefits? What would those be to a baby? What complete BS. I could accept it if it were to be French or German say as they are useful second languages but, Welsh? Give me strength!
    Is this a good way to use much needed tax payer’s money? Be honest now, is it?


    The Monitor

    IMHO .. I am assuming that your name here is intended to represent ‘In my humble opinion’. If that is so, try being a little more ‘humble’ before criticising and insulting the Language of Wales. The land that I presume you live in.



    I am sure they parents have more important things on there mind.Next thing you know they will demand all hospital staff speak welsh,then complain when there are no staff in the hospitals.Welsh taliband at work.






    The Monitor;
    Yes i am English, i live and pay my taxes in Wales so i do have a say in what goes on.
    As far as insulting the Welsh Language goes, it could be said the a large majority of the Welsh people do that daily by not using it or, are unable to speak it so, get off your high horse and answer the question. Do you think it’s a good way to spend much needed money, money that could be put into ESSENTIAL services instead. I have said on here before and i’ll say it again, anyone who thinks that spending millions on propping up the Welsh language should never complain about services elsewhere being cut to the bone.



    What’s the cost of bringing this in then IMHO? I note from the article that rather than being an attempt to impose the Welsh language on people, this scheme is to support and encourage parents who do wish to raise their children bilingually. I think you’ll find that the amount spent on promoting the language is relatively modest compared to the majority of frontline services. If you come and live in Wales, don’t be too shocked when some of your hard-earned gets spent on boosting the indigenous language.



    Baby signing might be better.



    Surly the most important point is to have expert health professionals who know how to do the work in hand – the lanagauge must take second place over the safety of the mum to be and her unborn child.



    So let me get this right,according to this logic a Welsh speaking woman would be looked after by someone who could speak German or French.



    I think the logic the original poster was using was that a Welsh speaking woman (99.9% chance she also speaks English) would be looked after by someone who could also speak English. That nurse would also be able to speak to any visiting French of German speakers whose grasp of the English language was not as advanced as Welsh people.

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