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    Lots of General Election threads…So for some fun, post up:

    – who you think will come first and second for Wrexham and Clwyd South
    – what number of votes you think they will get
    – who will be prime minister!

    No prizes, but a smug ‘told you so’ on Friday morning :)

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    Rob has laid down a good challenge and I’m sure everyone can try and do number crunching – my personal view

    If the turnout is 65% of registered voters again (since 2015) then there will be about 4000 new floating voters. 36725 up from 21719
    If you look at 2015 there were seven candidates 3 are not represented this year and they polled 2615 floating voters.
    The Lib Dem vote has almost totally collapsed on a national level – at least 30% of the 2015 will become floaters.

    Taken these ‘floaters’ into account I think the following will happen-
    Labour 15125 up from 12181
    Conservative 14950 up from 14950
    Lib Dem 3700 down from 5072
    Plaid 2975 up from 2501

    Prime Minister – Teresa May with a majority of 75

    I’m sure I will regret doing this but cant resit a challenge!!



    Labour 14800
    Conservatives 13790
    Lib Dems 4250
    Plaid 2350


    OMG! Get a life ladies! Te-he, Dylan said floaters!


    Landslide to the TORIES.



    I’m assuming you are saying landslide for Tories in the hope of getting the predicted 18000 non voters to get themselves into gear and vote.
    For those who don’t vote go and buy a big roll of tape to go over your mouth to keep you quite as yo don’t have right to comment about the result.



    Well got the first right that Labour back for Wrexham– well done to all candidates. Totaly got my vote prediction wrong!!

    The rest of UK is up in the air



    I am so pleased Labour won in Wrexham. I was fully expecting them to lose – if only because I voted for them! I was going to spoil my ballot paper, but then Theresa May stated her opinion on fox hunting. I don’t think she deserved to win in Wrexham or Clwyd South – she’s made two visits here and they’ve been so stealthy. If she can’t be bothered to engage with the public (rather than just with her existing supporters) in Wrexham, then why should people have voted for her.

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