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    Muppet 1 & 2 arrived in Holt recently to refill there previous work a few weeks earlier. This time they were filled with horror as there potholes were filled with water. Muppet 1 stood at the hole in confusion , “what to do” water in the hole , muppet 2 joined him and now we had both muppets in a quandry on how to overcome the water in the hole upon which muppet 2 who at this time carried a hard broom gave the hole a poke with the broom as though the water would bite back and noted to muppet 1 that when he poked the pothole some of the water left the hole. On came the “lightbulb in both muppet heads” and so it was they proceeded to fill each pothole with already cold tarmac in order to evict the offending water. As they proceeded it was amazing to see the delight on there faces as they conquered each hole with the discovery that to empty water logged potholes all you do is shovel in the tarmac stamp on it and the water will run off elsewhere. As they proceeded on in there obviously vacant little world muppet 2 would clap muppet 1 on the back in trumph of a job well done. The majority of the tarmac is now gone and no doubt they will return to waste the taxpayers money whilst some highways official pats himself on the back on a job well done…..reminds me of a Beatles song including the lyric, “10,000 holes in Blackburn Lancashire”. I hope that unlike Wrexham they employed staff with brain power and an official who demanded value for money on the taxpayers behalf. Muppets please come back soon the whole village is waiting for your comedy sequel.

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    If Kermit was with them he would have had a bath first to push the water out or they could have got the nearest young child to jump up and down and splash the water out..

    The really sad thing about Cromwell story is that I am sure the observation is 100% correct.

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