Poll: Did Free Parking Encourage You to Shop in Town Over Christmas?

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    Yes it did encourage me to shop in Wrexham,I usually don’t go in to Wrexham shopping always go to Chester I went five times during December and that was because it was free parking, and spend my money in the town, hope they do the same again next year


    A few people seem to have been caught on the free parking but only for 2 hours trap. This probably needed greater clarity. Signage is a regular problem in the town it would seem.

    I find the road sign leading into Lambpit Street, for example, mystifying.

    I’m not sure what your entry is all about Sheefag but it feels like an attempt to shut down debate by the piss-taking soft bullying that seems absent elsewhere



    I don’t understand why so many car parks have a maximum 2 hour stay. To have a shopping experience including a break for a coffee take more than 2 hours for most people. St Marks probably has the best offer with 4 hours for £2.



    It would take a lot more than free parking to make me use this town’s facilities and I live here. apart from every growing number of homeless people / drug addicts wondering around the town, the lack of a roof on the main shopping mall isn’t what I’m looking for in the winter, esp not when there are better covered mallls within an hour of driving,

    The trafford center, 1 hour away, coverd mall, free parking no drug addicts bothering you.

    chester is pretty much covered shopping where ever you go,

    Cheshire oaks has more cover than wrexham, less bums to hastle you and free parking,

    Shrewbsury etc etc,

    Basically they would not only have to give me free parking, they would need to pay me a rate and clean my car for me to park in this town and use the shops where, ( the few shops which are left if you don’t enjoy charity shops, polish vodka, pies, and betting machines )

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