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    Interesting item on the Exec Board Agenda next week regarding the Oriel move and NWP moving into the building as their town centre base. No indication in report as to where the new arts hub would be in town, but going by the report sounds like it’s going to be a considerable development.

    What’s interesting is the locations that had been considered for the NWP station, including the Groves site and Bersham.

    Wrexham Police Station In Potential Oriel Gallery Move | Wrexham.com



    Wouldn’t it be better to put the Police Station in the People’s Market than move the Oriel Gallery and make space for it in the Library? There is plenty of car parking at street level in the Market Street car park and it would give the market ( with adaptions ) a destination purpose . The market as a whole is too big but could easily be redesigned internally to house a separate and independent Police Station. The budget for creating a Gallery in the People’s Market is in the region of £800,000 so finance is available. The Police Station would still be in the Town Centre and easily accessible. Has the Council given this solution any consideration?



    Although this will be a Police Station it will have very limited facilities for officers to do basic paperwork, refreshments and access to a car. As the previous poster has said why haven’t they been offered the Peoples Market with good access.
    It is extraordinary that a consultant was brought in and in less than three weeks has come up with something that lots of people already knew was a preferred option (for whatever reason). The consultant has not even been in touch with all the players in the Arts and culture community of Wrexham to establish what THEIR needs are. In the current economic climate the Council will not be the leaders for any cultural activity which is why the want a Cultural Trust. It appears that this recommendation is primarily to meet the needs of the Police to get out from the Tower rather than looking at what is required for a cultural centre. The timings and order of this just does nit make sense as a piece meal approach is being made with decisions that occur next week dictating the finding of the full report from the consultants BEFORE they have made an assessment.



    From the report:

    “Consultants Ash Sakula have been appointed to carry out this work; the Options
    Appraisal has considered the viability of a number of sites within the Town Centre.
    4.7 Each location was considered against the following criteria:
    1. Location; 2.Audience; 3.Offer; 4.Building; and 5. Cost. Consultants Ash Sakula
    were given access to the documents that preceded this study in order to ensure that
    they has a comprehensive overview of Wrexham town centre, including the previous
    studies that have considered the development of a cultural hub, the Destination
    Management Strategy, the emerging Masterplan for the town centre and the Vibrant
    Viable Places documentation. In addition a number of face to face and telephone
    interviews have been set up with key stakeholders.
    4.8 The outcome of the Options Appraisal is that the existing location at Oriel Wrecsam is
    not a suitable for developing such a facility.

    The Consultant’s website is here: Ash Sakula | Architecture Urbanism Landscape



    @99dylanjones 14331 wrote:

    Although this will be a Police Station it will have very limited facilities for officers to do basic paperwork, refreshments and access to a car. As the previous poster has said why haven’t they been offered the Peoples Market with good access.

    I would assume the feedback list below is based off the consultants report:

    The Oriel Wrecsam building is considered ideal because :
    • It has adjacent secure parking for police vehicles and good vehicle egress.
    • Good central location for town patrols.
    • Good visibility for the police from a public perspective.
    • Ideal size building for adapting into a police station.
    • Capital cost for adaption’s are affordable to North Wales Police (based on the
    feasibility report).
    • Within the vicinity of the Courts building.
    • Opportunity to modernise the building which looks dated.
    • Meets the public services collaboration agenda.



    Also (final one!) on this – the 9 Acre was stated as a option considered by NWP.

    There was no ‘this was not considered as its unobtainable green field land to develop on’, rather than ‘….. or required a new building which is not viable due to cost’.

    Perhaps a new thread ‘what will get built on the nine acre?’



    I remember in the days of Grove Park Boys that someone said that they couldn’t build on it as there was a similar arrangement to the land the Grove Park Girls was built on with a covenant. Never heard if this was ever changed.



    There are a few docs floating about (eg. http://www.wrecsam.gov.uk/assets/pdfs/planning/site_dev_briefs/nine_acre_field.pdf ) from 2004 – with one such about the draft on the PDF that says:

    “• Legal covenants: the guidance does not address the issue of the covenant which secures the field for educational and recreational use only. “


    They can’t have it the market because it close,s on Wednesday afternoon and Sunday’s.



    The Market opening hours are easy to alter and everything noted by the Consultants is also applicable to the People’s Market ! Bottom line Vibrant and Viable money can be spent on turning the People’s Market into a Gallery but not a Police Station! Money allocated to Council’s should not have strings attached. Would the Council be considering putting a Gallery in the People’s Market if there was no Vibrant and Viable money available?

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