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    Does anyone know when the Police Station is due to be demolished? The people of Wrexham campaigned to save the Bersham slag heap so I hope nobody bothers to try and save this monstrosity.



    The Police station tower is little more than a raised middle finger to Wrexham.

    Now from Llay, they can use “stuck in traffic” as a reason for being disinterested.



    Yeah its horrible, but its unique at least.

    Its just a shame yet ANOTHER supermarket is going in its place. ‘Great’ move by the town plannners.



    I’ve always quite liked it. We spent a morning there with Acton School, back in 80/81.

    The police showed us the CCTV room that they had there at the time. They said that they used to see the kids across the road, in Bromfield School, hiding behind the curtains smoking.

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