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    Confirmation today on how Wrexham Council are supporting the children on Free School Meals

    The sad situation is that we have so many children in the country who have to have FSM and all the others that have food hunger who are not getting help.


    Ioan y Ffin

    In reality we are just arguing over the symptoms and what kind of sticking plaster to use. We are told time and again that the UK is one of the top ten largest economies in the world and yet our economy doesn’t provide enough jobs that pay people who work enough to afford to bring up a family and live in a decent home. That is a serious failing of any economy as surely an economy exists to service the needs of a society to survive and ‘prosper’. The petty point scoring of politicians is depressing because none of the parties (Con, Lab, Lib, PC, UKIP, Brexit etc) currently have a strategic vision for this country going forward; instead they offer a basket of promises and pledges, like gifts and baubles from the christmas tree in an attempt to satisfy our short-term needs or blame others for our woes and say they will crack down on the perceived ‘enemy’.


    Comment 8or

    Whether you’re a fan of Marcus Rashford or not, he has triggered a nationwide debate on FSMs. Some may not like him personally because of their football club allegiance, others may begrudge his personal wealth or just plain disagree with his principles, but he has highlighted a worthy cause that would otherwise not be being debated. It is gathering support and may yet just force another embarrassing U-turn by the Government following the shameful outcome of the ‘opposition motion’ Parliamentary vote on the topic. It seems to me that so many people and businesses throughout England are now filling the void created by this vote that Rashford’s determination may yet show it for what it is: an ‘own goal’. It may yet gather sufficient momentum to force through permanent changes the length and breadth of the country – there seems plenty of support in Wales too. And this at a time when the country is grappling with a viral pandemic.

    Arise Sir Rashford? And no, I do not support ManU.



    Ioan- perfectly agree these ‘top up/ essential’ food for children shows a massive failing in other areas of society. Sadly many children live in families that even have parents working may be on minimum and zero hour contracts- no certainty what size next weeks wage packet will be. We might be in the top ten economies in the world but whilst we have so many in poverty it only goes to show the tremendous gap in earnings and wealth ownership – Im not saying everyone should be equal but whilst so many people get exploited by businesses that make vast profits from paying low wages we will always have problems.
    The Government could increase Universal Credits or other handouts but to increase the individuals have to ensure their expenditure is appropriate or there will be a disjoint in basic income and expenditure.



    Nice empty plate protest outside Atherton’s office, have to say it’s a better way to protest vs some MPs having their offices or vehicles etc… vandalised with graffiti.

    I very much doubt it will make much a difference to her way of thinking, but at least she’s seen a notice that the people of Wrexham are not happy with her way and the Tories way of thinking.

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