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    Yes, KidA, you may be right. I also wonder whether he’s simply a troll. His arguments for free parking and his suggestion that a kids play day is “self-centred” are just so ridiculous it is difficult to believe anyone could seriously hold those views.

    Councillor X
    Councillor X

    So many theories being thrown around by the Flat Earth Society members here and now we know where bubble gets his name … he/ she lives in a bubble.

    Bubble, there is a real world out there so try visiting earth one day.

    I am NOT a Council hater and i DO think that overall the Council do an excellent job on a shoe-string budget. What i do hate is where money is squandered on stupid events and vanity projects for which there are far too many examples. Where white elephants such as Ty Pawb exist, even if you think it is a mistake, you should support it and make it a success.

    Do we need to spend £420k on town centre improvements when we have zombie infestations keeping people away? Solve that problem first and then invite people back in.

    I DO believe that Councillors and “Top Management” need to park close to the Guildhall to do their jobs and the only way to do it is by excluding the public from these areas. I DON’T think they should have to pay to do thier job, moreso the Councillors who represent the people of Wrexham and are paid poorly.

    I think society stinks with the generation who entertained their offspring by sitting them down in front of the TV turning into parents who entertain their kids by giving them computer games, tablets and phones. No interaction required! What next?

    It is no wonder the country (not just Wrexham) is in a mess. How long until it all comes crashing down on us?

    Those who enjoyed play day will just go back to their screens. Remember when kids used to play out? Calling for friends to play footy or ride their bikes?

    Kids need to be kids again and a play day will NOT solve it, it was a waste of money. If the Council were serious about this then they would stage regular events to get them out of the house but this will not happen. Its like Christmas. Its a one day wonder and forgotten by Boxing day.

    These are my views and i stand by them.

    A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.


    Council Watcher

    Putting up a strong defense — I take strong exception to your assertion about Councillors – “more the Councillors who represent the people of Wrexham and are paid poorly”.

    If you look at attendance records and the times that some of them have even opened their mouth a third of them are totally non effective with so little input other than filling a chair at a meeting – they can’t even be bothered to fill out their annual ‘What have I done survey’ that goes against their profile on the Council site. These are the people that need to be removed from being a total waste of space and money.

    I accept that there are some Councillors who are very committed to their own community but for those others that only put their head above the parapet when it is election time should be removed. They are democratically elected to fulfill a role if there is no evidence of them doing that they should be removed before the end of the usual 5-year election cycle.

    Whilst peole sit back locally and allow these people to draw down their monthly wage and have their pension topped up the more the sacnadl of Loacl Govenement gravey trains will persist.



    Given that this seems to have been such a success, bringing lots of people into town as well as giving kids something to do, what’s to say that this couldn’t become a more regular event? Perhaps monthly?

    Half the battle is getting people into the habit of coming into town and then you get them spending money and boosting the local economy, etc.



    Oh dear, Councillor X, did I hit a nerve? Not just a troll and not anti-council? Just eager to ensure that the council gets its priorities right and provides free parking for councillors – and you/ your OH/ your close friend or family (i.e. the “top management”) – before it does anything else … on its shoestring budget.



    Councillor x – I look forward to your Scrooge impersonation at Christmas time when the Council “ welcome “ the teeth rotting-fattening -anti healthy eating monstrosity- The Coca Cola truck- that the Yanks try and tell us means Christmas! Bah Humbug!

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