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    Do you ever say anything worthwhile, apart from criticising anything positive.

    Also I imagine the bakeries throughout the town would have had a massive boost from the increased footfall.



    Councillor X, the term “top management” is yours. I don’t hate them; I just think they should be treated as fairly as everyone else. You have no such concern for all council employees – are you suggesting that other council employees do not do “an excellent job”? You would rather the council serve first and foremost one particular subset of employees than the constituents on whose behalf the council should act. I think parking should be free for all – or a personal expense for all. In a time of austerity and cuts it is disgraceful for particular council employees to look after themselves first by exempting themselves from the type of expenses that everyone else is expected to bear.

    My best guess is that either you, your other half or someone close to you works for the council in what you consider to be a “top management” role. Your desperate attempts on other threads to justify why councillors and “top management” should be given free parking smacks of self interest – yet here you accuse others of being self-centred for speaking in support of an event that was for the benefit and enjoyment of children.

    What makes you think parents and other carers left the kids there? I expect that many, if not most, will have stayed to watch the enjoyment the children were having at the event. As for how the council staff worked – that’s pathetic. I was able to avoid town yesterday but I could still have coped just fine had I needed to visit, and I could certainly work just fine in an office on the one day a year where there was extra noise due to a children’s event. Perhaps “top management” are more precious than the rest of us.

    Why don’t YOU tell us how much it cost, oh wise one? I expect it would still be a better use of council finances and resources than providing free parking for those who – in your opinion – are “top management”.



    Councillor X, why are you so angry today? First class rant and I know them when I see them.

    I understand that there’s arguments over spending money on anything and everything when the budget is so tight, but attacking parents and grandparents? I don’t think everybody who went to the event wanted to treat it like a dumping ground.

    What should we be spending the money on instead in this case?



    Diggers move in as town centre improvement works begin

    What a terrible idea this is, spending money to improve the town for everyone, locals and visitors alike!!!



    OMG, pastrylover, how on earth are the people in those shops going to work with the noise from the machinery? How selfish of the council.


    Liz Jackson

    How sad it is to read some of the responses on this thread today from people who clearly must be living a really miserable life. Children are our future and don’t forget they are the ones who will be looking after you in your old age. It would be such a shame if children today grew up to be a miserable in their lives as some of the usual suspects on the threads.

    Children and young people should be able to come together and have some fun – with parents ideally some of whom probably rarely do play with their own children. Don’t jump on me about poor parenting as I accept that not all of them are as engaged with their children as you would hope. For those of you who were not present you would have seen children and young people of all ages, parents and grandparents all taking part – and ALL hadge hidge smiles of delight.

    Dont forget parents are ratepayers as well.



    One day of children`s playing, rather than the every day grind of watching the zombies going a over t, or lying face down in front of the Guildhall.



    AM Mark Isherwood tweeted the following about the event and I’ll be damned if I ever had to agree with something a Tory said, but this is some pretty solid stuff.

    1/2 It was a real pleasure to attend Wrexham Playday 2018 yesterday, supporting Children’s Right to Play and highlighting the importance of positive attitudes towards playing children.

    2/2 Wrexham once again celebrated National Playday with an event on Queen Square and the Guildhall field. Gratitude is owed to everyone who contributed, bringing fun and happiness to so many children.

    I’m not sure why there is any reason for negative attitudes towards playing children or not wanting children to be happy.



    Has anyone considered that cllr x is actually a council hater and is trying to turn everyone against council staff by posting supposed council favouring messages which he\she knows will get people’s backs up and in turn cause even more resentment towards certain echelons of council management? Judging by some of his \her comments it is clear that he\her has no idea of what is really going on in the corridors of power (or ivory towers, whichever way you lean) but I can guarantee that his comments are not reflective of any council officers feelings towards playday which is always a welcome distraction from the day to day depression that is Wrexham town centre. Also cllr x please get rid of that tag line you have; it’s so pretentious but then maybe that’s your aim, to wind people up!!



    KidA you could be right

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